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Your Church’s Holiday Checklist

The Fall season is definitely a time of fellowship in the church and it quickly segways into one of the holiest times of year with Christmas or Hanukkah (depending on your faith). This time of year can include a multitude of additional events and church activities, such as festivals, plays, potluck dinners, choral concerts and featured guest speakers.

Step 1 – Plan Ahead

So first up on your church’s holiday checklist is to finalize a calendar of activities as soon as possible.

Step 2 – Assess Your Resources

It’s always important to assess the materials, resources and number of volunteers you will need to host each event. Of particular importance will be any activities occurring the same day. These will result in a division of resources, especially physical assets such as church chairs, folding tables and similar items. Does your church have enough of everything to handle the demand of a busy weekend for your congregation?

Step 3 – Take Stock

If it’s necessary to perform a physical count, while time-consuming, it can prevent errors later. Items like folding chairs have a mysterious way of disappearing or getting distributed across a wide area of a large building. Your records may show you should have 300 extra folding chairs available, based on ordering this amount five years ago, but it’s very likely you will come up short in your physical count. This is much more common than you might think. Folding chairs and even folding tables have become like those mysterious lost socks in the dryer!

Step 4 – Checking Form And Function

This involves assessing what you have on hand for workability, functionality, etc. It’s often a good idea to simply allot time to perform this step at the same time as Step 3. Drag out any holiday lighting you normally put up for both the interior and exterior. Is everything in working order? If a big meal is part of your church’s festivities, does everything function correctly for that–coffee pots, crock pots, warming trays, etc? In regards to church chairs and tables, are all of these in presentable shape and working order? Check for supportive chair backs, bottom rubber protectors on chair legs, tables with all four legs solidly on the ground and level, etc.

Step 5 – Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

It takes a village…to put on many of these large church events. Enlist the help of young and well, more seasoned congregationalists to be sure your church activities are a success.

Step 6 – Divide And Conquer

Divide each activity into its own group, then work to fulfill each team’s needs to put on a successful event worthy of your church’s faith, fellowship and community standing. The division will make it seem less overwhelming and will allow you to prioritize by those events happening earliest on the calendar.

Step 7 – Pause To Reflect

While each of these events is fresh in the minds of the committees or groups assisting with them, take time to look back at last year’s event and assess its strengths and weaknesses. Did you have a shortage of volunteers or seating? Were the hours and/or date(s) of the event a good fit? Was there anything the team could do better or differently this year?

Step 8 – Fulfilling Community Needs

While most congregations try to take an active part in doing something to assist the community at this time of year–collecting for an area food pantry, serving as a Toys for Tots drop-off site, having groups visit the elderly at area nursing homes–sometimes an additional or last minute need surfaces in the local community. Perhaps the local blood bank has run drastically short of reserves or a particularly cold stretch of weather hits your area, endangering the homeless or overwhelming local homeless shelters.

It’s at these times that a congregation really discovers what it’s made of and the generosity of its members. Your pastor, rabbi or minister may have already challenged everyone with a capital giving campaign for an upcoming church renovation, asked for many more volunteer hours to cover all the activities and led a very successful food drive. Now there’s an extra ask at this week’s service? Clearly a lesson is being taught about it being better to give than receive!

Step 9 – Remember Season’s Meaning

Finally, don’t get so caught up in doing mode–volunteering, coordinating the church donation drive, attending choral practice, attending Bible study, going to weekly services, and the myriad of responsibilities in your personal and professional life–that you forget the reason for the season!

From all of us at Advantage Church Chairs, we hope you have a blessed holiday season. And if we can assist with your church furniture and folding table needs, please don’t hesitate to visit us at or to call us toll free at 1-855-294-0532.

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