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Will Chiavari Chairs Be Comfortable for My Congregation?

First produced in the early 1800s by Italian cabinetmaker Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, the Chiavari chair, or “Tiffany Chair,” revolutionized the way seats were made. More than 200 years later, there has yet to be a chair design that can compete with the style, elegance and function of the Chiavari.

Chiavari for Your Church Chairs

The chair’s construction features an intricate, interlocking leg design, referred to as a slot system, that maximizes weight distribution evenly across the entire base. Each piece works in tandem to form an incredibly strong supporting center, despite the lightweight materials used to manufacture Chiavari church chairs.

The Chiavari brand now commands global popularity and has evolved into a large variety of style sub-types, but the traditional elements of class, comfort and function hold true. You may be wondering whether this particular chair line will meet your congregation’s needs.

Chairs are far easier to rearrange and transport than pews, and as far as comfort is concerned, pew seating pales in comparison to the lush padding featured on most Chiavari chairs. When people are required to sit for hours on end, such as during a religious sermon, adequate back support and cushioning is paramount. Be sure to ask one of our associates if you have any questions about which type to choose.

You simply do not know comfort until you have sat on a Chiavari church chair, and that is no exaggeration! With a wealth of manufacturers out there, it can be hard to find one that offers the “real deal.” Advantage Church Chairs specializes in the sale of top-quality Chiavari chairs, which are available in multiple patterns and styles. Your congregation will look stunning with this new addition, and your members will be thanking you for investing in their comfort. Chiavari truly is a win-win for church chairs!

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