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Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Church Pews with Chairs

For centuries, churches have used pews to seat their congregations. There is no denying the commanding presence and beautiful aura of these large wooden benches, but with this ornamental design comes a key sacrifice.

Traditional churches, many of which still operate today, did not have a need for changing seat patterns, thus making pews the ideal choice in many respects. They were large enough to accommodate multiple members and were fixed in place. Unfortunately, many modern religious organizations have an increased emphasis on mobility and need lighter seats to suit their needs.

Modernize Your Church’s Seating

The biggest advantage of using church chairs is versatility. It is not hard to recognize the benefit of using chairs in place of pews when it comes to new seating configurations. Given that the standard wooden pew weighs in at least a few hundred pounds, there is no such thing as a simple rearrangement or quickly clearing space for a potluck or social function.

To the contrary, stackable church chairs can be loaded, unloaded and transported effortlessly. Imagine how difficult it would be to hoist a 10-foot-long pew into the back of a truck or trailer. Stackable folding chairs are designed for this specific purpose and can be fully handled by one set of hands.

They are great for traditional congregation settings, which generally take place in a single brick-and-mortar building, and they are the perfect solution for new-age “mobile churches,” which are held at various venues. Since more members may attend on certain days than others, individual church¬†chairs are a must.

Keep in mind that style need not be sacrificed by ousting pews as Advantage Church Chairs has a huge selection of stunning seating options. We have everything from basic folding chairs to high-end, luxury pieces like the Chiavari line! We can virtually guarantee that you will be more than satisfied by trading in your church’s current pew seating for a set of new seats!

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