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Why It Is Important to Have Comfortable Church Chairs

Sitting down for a long period of time can be a restful experience in the right chair, but in the wrong one, it can be uncomfortable. Your church needs to invest in the most comfortable church chairs it can afford because, ultimately, our physical comfort when we sit ends up affecting everything else about our experience. Having comfortable chairs helps your congregation to feel at home during their worship experience, and it helps them to more fully experience the power, hope and love of God.

Exceed Their Expectations

Every Sunday, your parishioners enter your doors expecting to spend an hour or more in fellowship and worship. Having properly cushioned church chairs can give them the support and comfort they need to enjoy the services. Remember, your parishioners have certain expectations about their worship experience, and spending an hour or more wishing they had a different chair is nobody’s idea of a fulfilling worship experience.

Focus on God

Uncomfortable chairs can cause churchgoers to become distracted and lose their focus. They will inevitably begin to shift around in their chairs to try to find a more comfortable position. This process is not only distracting to them, but also to other attendees and even to the priest or pastor. Ergonomically designed banquet chairs can help to keep everyone focused on God instead of on finding a more comfortable position.

Make Your Church Welcoming

While the people at your church may be glad to open their hearts and minds to newcomers, your church is ultimately only as welcoming as your seating. If your church chairs aren’t comfortable, new parishioners will not feel as welcomed and may choose to find a different place to worship. Current service attendees are also more likely to invite friends and family to join them at church when they feel confident that their guests will be comfortable in their seats.

Encourage Older Congregation Members to Keep Coming

Older members of your congregation face problems like arthritis, hip replacements and other ailments that can make sitting for long periods of time uncomfortable. If your church chairs are uncomfortable on top of those pre-existing discomforts, your older congregation members may feel as though they simply cannot attend worship sessions. By ensuring that your chairs have the proper cushioning, you can help to alleviate some of their physical discomfort so that they can more fully experience the comfort of the Lord.

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