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What’s in a Church Chair Frame? Steel Gauge Differences

When you’re ready to upgrade those bulky, uncomfortable wooden pews or replace old, worn out chairs, you want to get new chairs that are the best for your budget. But you also want to buy chairs that will last a long time, since the return on investment is a huge concern for you.

Chairs are excellent investments for the modern church. They’re flexible, comfortable, and attractive. They also ensure that you can make the most use of your church building since you can hold one event then rearrange the chairs or clear the floor for another event.

Wooden church pews might be durable, but they are also permanent seating that doesn’t give you the most use of your church space. They’re also incredibly uncomfortable when you have to sit for long periods of time. Nobody likes to think about their aching back when their goal was to worship.

Church chairs are the best choice for most churches, especially those that are looking for seating that will bring the biggest return on investment and make church members the most comfortable. The extra padding and lumbar support on church chairs make them an excellent choice for comfort.

But quality matters, especially when it comes to durability. You’ve looked at plenty of church chairs online and in person, and you’re not sure what qualities to look for in a chair. The frame is the biggest concern to you since it needs to be able to withstand weight over time and handle being moved, stacked, and used.

So how can you tell if a frame is a good choice?

Why Does Gauge Matter?

The first thing to understand is how the steel in metal frame chairs is measured. You’ve probably heard that a piece of furniture is made from 14-gauge steel or 20-gauge steel. Those numbers are just a measurement of steel thickness. The bigger the number, the thinner the metal (as counterintuitive as that might be).

The great thing about thicker steel frames is that they’re more durable and sturdy. The not-so-great thing is that the layers make the chair heavier, too. It also becomes more difficult to create decorative steel pieces when the steel is thicker.

The great thing about thinner steel frames is that they are lighter weight, and therefore easier to carry. They also are excellent for creating decorative steel, making your furniture look unique. The downside is that they bend and break much easier, essentially making your chair unusable for non-residential purposes.

The Right Gauge for Church Chairs

So what’s the right choice for your church chair? A gauge right in the middle. Not too thick and not too thin. One that makes your chairs portable and durable.

At Advantage Church Chairs, the vast majority of our chairs are made with 16-gauge steel. This means that they’re light enough to move around for use in different meetings and events, plus they’re strong enough to last through thousands of uses.

These frames have been static load tested for 6,100 pounds. That number tells you that they’re sure to deliver a serious return on investment. They’ll keep your church members comfy and, most importantly, safe for years to come.

Stay Away From Low Quality

You also want to stay away from companies that don’t assemble their chairs before they ship them to you. Putting together 100 or more chairs yourself is time-consuming and isn’t as safe as factory assembled. If you’re going to invest in chairs for the long haul that are truly safe, choose ones that are built well and assembled properly.

Choose Quality

Not all church chairs are made equal and some companies choose to create their chairs from low-quality materials. When it comes to purchasing church chairs, select a company that cares about your budget, your congregation’s comfort, and your church members’ safety. Look for chair frames that are tested, created from the right gauge steel, and are put together properly. Once those chairs are shipped to your door, you can get right to using them, knowing that you are caring for your congregation and looking to your church’s future.

When you’re ready to buy the best church chairs out there, reach out to Advantage Church Chairs. We offer a high-quality selection of chairs in different styles, sizes, and colors to fit all your church seating needs. We’d love to help you find the right mix of chairs to suit your congregation and space. You can find us online at and by calling (855) 294-0532.

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