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What Should I Know About Baptism Invitations?

Your baby’s baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you understandably want to celebrate. In our many years as a reliable supplier of church chairs and banquet tables, we have acquired a vast amount of information regarding different types of special occasions. Here are a few helpful tips regarding what to include in your baptism invitations.

Basic Information

Send out your baptism invitations at least one month before the date you have chosen. This will give your guests ample time to make travel arrangements if they need to do so.

Be sure to include driving directions to the church and the reception site in your invitation. Additional information such as nearby hotels and other places of interest might also be useful. If you enrolled your baby with a gift registry service, be sure to note this in the invitation as well.

Special Instructions

Most of your guests will likely want to witness the baptism ceremony, which takes place in the church. They should come suitably dressed for such a solemn occasion. If a formal reception takes place immediately after the ceremony, there is no need to make a special note in your invitation regarding a dress code. However, if you’re throwing a pool party, an outdoor picnic or any other type of reception that requires a different outfit, include this information in your invitation. This way your guests will come ready to celebrate and enjoy themselves on your child’s special day.

A Few Words of Explanation

If you have guests who are not of the same faith or church as you are, including a brief note that explains the importance of the occasion might be helpful. Slip this note in the invitations of guests who you know will appreciate the information. This will not only add to their understanding of the occasion but also make them feel more a part of the celebration.

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