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What Are Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

Thanksgiving is definitely a great time to reconnect with family members and dust off some of those holiday traditions. For many, tradition lies in the Thanksgiving menu–turkey, stuffing, mashed or sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, etc. In many cases, the tradition is taken a step further by using family recipes that sometimes go back generations. So that green bean casserole you look forward to every year may be from a recipe several decades old.

So what are your Thanksgiving traditions? We encourage you to leave a comment below.

One person we know has the unusual tradition of eating food that’s about as far away from the stereotypical Thanksgiving meal as possible. This family makes it a point of selecting a place such as an Italian or Chinese restaurant for their Thanksgiving holiday celebration. The trick can be finding such restaurants open.

Gathering Together

Sometimes, it’s not the event or meal itself that’s so important, but the act of gathering together as a family in one central location. The Thanksgiving holiday is usually the busiest weekend of the year for airline travel. Roads, too, can be packed with traffic in some metropolitan areas.

Thanks and Gratitude

Some families make it a point to take a moment to give thanks for the special meal and for being altogether to celebrate the holiday. Others make it a point to go around the table, one by one, and briefly say what they are grateful for since the previous Thanksgiving. It can be a nice touch to consciously take time for everyone in the family to reflect on the year.

Serving Others

Some people use this time off work to serve others. Food kitchens and homeless shelters around the country play host to thousands of hungry people. Every public Thanksgiving feast requires dozens, if not hundreds, of volunteers.

Football and Parades

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual must in millions of American homes. As the parade has been around since 1924, it is a much anticipated event for young and old. Later in the day, watching NFL football games is often a Thanksgiving Day tradition.

New Traditions

Every Thanksgiving is an opportunity to consider starting a new family tradition. Traditions have to start somewhere, so why not add something new to your holiday celebration this year? It could be just the tradition your children or grandchildren remember the most when they later become adults and start to host their own Thanksgiving festivities.

It could be something as simple as building a colorful table centerpiece together or adding a new dish or casserole to the Thanksgiving menu. Or maybe this is an ideal day to start the tradition of having the little ones write letters to Santa. It can help keep them occupied while you’re working on putting the finishing touches on Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps you start a post-dinner tradition of taking a family walk together or having the men clean the kitchen.

For additional Thanksgiving tradition ideas, check out these Reader’s Digest great ideas.

While we are on the topic of traditions and giving thanks, everyone here at Advantage Church Chairs would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to our many customers. You have helped make us one of the top companies in the nation for church chairs, folding tables, and other church furniture. And while we may be closed Thanksgiving Day, our website, is available 24/7/365 for your needs. Our toll free customer service line, 1-855-294-0532, will be open Black Friday, for your questions and phone orders.

Have a blessed, gratitude-filled, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And don’t forget to leave a note below about some of your Thanksgiving traditions if they differ from what’s been included here.

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