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Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Folding Chairs

If you are celebrating a wedding in the near future, you are in store for some unforgettable memories with loved ones as well as some serious planning. If your upcoming wedding is on a budget, folding chairs are a great way to seat several guests comfortably and inexpensively. They are easy to store, easy to move and easy to arrange. Surprisingly, folding chairs can also be delightfully decorative. Read below for some ways to dress up folding chairs for your upcoming wedding! 

The Basics

Consider the environment and budget for your wedding to decide whether you plan to use wooden folding chairs, plastic folding chairs or metal folding chair . If possible, purchase folding chairs that coordinate with your wedding color scheme. If not, you can add ribbons, seat sashes or cushions in your wedding’s color palette. If it’s an outdoor wedding ceremony, take a few cues from nature. String a garland along the backs of the chairs in the last row or add a sprig of wildflowers on each chair for guests to take along with them.

Add a Personal Touch with DIY Decor

DIY projects help the bride and groom add their own personal touch to their special day. Writing “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “Just Married” on a decorative chalkboard and hanging it from a ribbon that matches your color scheme on the bridge and groom’s reception chairs, for example, is a fun way to decorate your folding chairs for your wedding.

Walking Down Memory Lane

Lining the ends of the aisle with bows or pomanders is a classic method of dressing up folding chairs for the ceremony, but you can also add a personal note instead. There’s nothing more charming, especially to family and long-time friends, than seeing the bride and groom in their younger years. Add a picture of the bride or groom on the end of each aisle to spark warm memories of the happy couple before they met.

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