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Upgrade Your Standard Podium with Speakers

You may think that we only offer high-quality ​church chairs, but we have many other products to help make your next event a resounding success. We have a variety of well-crafted event furniture, including banquet tables, metal, wood and plastic folding chairs, table and chair caddies for easy transportation and clean-up and so much more. If you need lecterns or podiums, we can offer those to you as well. Read on below to find out how pairing your podium choice with the right speakers can help make your event more successful.

Make a Clear Presentation

No matter how big or small your audience may be, speakers will make a presentation much easier to hear and follow. This means your participants will also be more involved and invested in the proceedings and more inclined to participate. A clear presentation can also lead to a more intelligent exchange of ideas and opinions, resulting in a lively and engaging session.

Choose the Right Podium

Ideally, the podium should not call attention to itself. It should allow the speaker to make a clear and easy presentation such that the attention of your audience is on the subject matter being discussed and not on anything else. Make sure your podium is properly adjusted to accommodate the height of your presenter. Not only is an inappropriate podium a distraction for your audience, but it can also be source of embarrassment for your presenter.

Match Your Venue Space

Make sure your sound system and lectern corresponds to the size of your venue and audience. An intimate gathering in a typical conference room will obviously need a more scaled-down sound system and a much simpler podium than a large crowd in a hall the size of a movie theater. For a large audience, when your speaker has to be on a stage, consider dressing up your podium with the company logo or some other appropriate decoration. While this could be distracting for a small gathering, it could help focus the attention of a larger audience on your speaker.

Find the ideal banquet chairs and tables as well as an excellent assortment of durable folding chairs from our extensive inventory of products. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be glad to answer your questions or help you with your order if you need assistance. With close to three decades of experience and expertise in the industry, you can depend on us for quality merchandise and affordable prices.

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