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The Truth About Hercules Church Chairs

With nearly 30 years in the industry, we have served numerous loyal customers and shipped thousands of high-quality merchandise, including church chairs, banquet tables and a variety of folding chairs.

In that time, we have come across other brands that claim to deliver the same value and quality that we have always offered our customers. Read on below to see how the Hercules brand compares to our other products here at Advantage Church Chairs.

Hercules Brand

Be ready to have at least two or three people on hand to assemble the church chairs that this company ships to their customers. It can take up to 10 minutes to assemble one chair.

Even if you only ordered two dozen chairs, that amounts to about a half day’s work for three people on your staff. Imagine the manpower and wages it will cost you if you ordered 100 or more chairs!

The ganging device on this brand is thin (only 20 gauge) and needs to be screwed in place. Additionally, this chair does not offer optimal support. A well-designed chair provides ample lower back support to a seated person. Because this chair’s cutaway lumbar support is set too low, it supports the upper buttocks of a seated person rather than the lower back.

Advantage Church Chairs

Our chairs are shipped to your location fully assembled and ready for immediate use, saving you time and money right off the bat.

Expect 16-gauge steel chair frames and four-inch flame-resistant, padded seats made from two pounds of 100 percent virgin polyurethane foam. Our ganging devices are welded (not screwed in) and made of six-gauge steel.

For your added protection and peace of mind, our chairs come with a lifetime warranty. They are safety-tested for up to 800 pounds for the 20.5-inch wide chair and up to 600 pounds for the 18.5-inch wide version. Our church chairs are ergonomically designed, assuring the comfort and well-being of your parishioners or event attendees.

Here at Advantage Church Chairs, we don’t compromise when it comes to value and quality. We fully understand that many of our customers work under a budget. We work hard to deliver top-rate merchandise at reasonable prices. It’s our way of supporting and contributing to the success of both our loyal and new customers.

If you need banquet chairs, folding tables, wooden, plastic or metal folding chairs, lecterns, Chiavari chairs and much more, call us. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you with your order.


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