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Touch-Up Tips for Your Well-Loved Church Furniture

It’s hard to forget the day when your church makeover was complete and everything was gleaming and new. Fresh paint on the walls, reorganized sanctuary and classrooms, and brand new church chairs all waiting for the congregation to show up and enjoy their new place of worship. You did your research, planned for building efficiency, and focused on making all the spaces in the church as flexible as possible. Your team found the best quality chairs that fit the space and were useable throughout the building to increase their functionality. They were purchased, transported to their new home, and have been happily used daily ever since.

A number of months have passed and you are starting to notice little scratches and scuffs on the wooden legs. The upholstery is holding up well, but there is a small stain or two that bothers you. When you have a congregation of small babies, children, adults, and elders, signs of wear and tear are inevitable.

But you hope to preserve your investment and make the chairs last as long as possible. You’d like for them to look great during that time, as well. So what do you do?

We’ve put together some tips to help you deal with the regular bumps and bruises that church furniture accumulates. Read on to learn how to make your chairs look as good as new again.

Wooden Furniture

Wood is a material that really shows it’s age. Once you start to notice those scuffs and scratches, it takes away from the natural beauty and makes you question your choice of an organic material. There are a number of ways to hide or fill scratches. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • An easy solution that we suggest trying first is to use a piece of a walnut and rub it along the scratch. The oil and coloration from the nut help to hide the imperfection. This solution would be best for a small scratch.
  • For more serious scratches, buy touch-up markers that are colored to match the stain of your chairs. This will cover more surface area and is more practical if you have several chairs needing some rehabilitation.
  • If your chair scratches are deep, you might consider using wax sticks, found at your local hardware store. They fill in the gouge and then you simply level it off with a plastic putty knife or other hard plastic edge to make it blend in with the wood. Even a credit card will do the trick!
  • For wood that is painted white, you can use white nail polish to touch up small scratches.
  • For scuffs that haven’t scratched the surface of the wood, you can use a magic cleaning eraser to wipe it right off. Just don’t rub too hard or you might take off some of the stain or paint with it.


Metal Furniture

Metal is definitely more durable and resistant to wear and tear than wood, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to do much heavy lifting here. For scuffs, your best bet is to try a magic cleaning eraser (again, rub gently so you don’t wear off the finish). Then wash the metal with some mild soap and warm water. If it has some scratches that you’re concerned about, head to your local hardware store to pick up some touch-up paint in a matching color.

Cleaning Upholstery

When it comes to church furniture, upholstery can be the most tricky thing to touch-up. Your best option is to try to catch a stain right as it happens. Since churches are full of people, action, and sometimes a happy, conversational form of chaos, it’s likely that your team will miss those moments when the fruit punch spills down the back of the chair. Messes happen. In the aftermath of a wet mess, you can at least try to soak up as much as you can. If it’s a dry mess, a thorough vacuuming should do the job.

For trickier stains, here are some precautions to take:

  • Always check with your chairs manufacturer before using cleaning products on chair upholstery.
  • Every 6-12 months, apply Scotch Guard spray which can be purchased from a local hardware store. This will help protect the fabric from liquid spills
  • Always thoroughly vacuum the chair before starting the cleaning. You want to get as much loose dirt and grime off before you do any rubbing or scrubbing.
  • Be gentle at first. You might want to try the cleaning solution on the underside of the chair or an inconspicuous place, just to make sure it won’t hurt the fabric.
  • You might also need to give the fabric a couple washes before the stain with truly come out.
  • If it’s still stubbornly stuck, it might be time to try a professional.

Your church’s chairs won’t always stay shiny or new, but you can take care of them in a way that will extend their lives and ensure that the investment was worth it. Establish a team to regularly care for the chairs. Every month have them dust and polish the wood, wipe down the metal, and check the upholstery for new stains. The quicker you notice stains, the easier it will be to get them out before they set into the fabric. When a chair is damaged, take the time to clean it, shine it up, and have it repaired. Chairs that are lovingly taken care of will always last much longer.

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