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Top 5 Reasons To Use Chiavari Chairs for Your Wedding

Though you may not know it by name, you have most certainly seen and would recognize a Chiavari chair. This chair is the event chair that ranges in use from banquets to weddings to fundraisers at the White House. Elegant, yet multi-functional, the Chiavari chair’s design dates back to 1807.

Furniture maker Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi designed this iconic chair in Chiavari, Italy in 1807. Since then, it has been one of the the top choices for events all over the world.

One of the most frequent uses of the Chiavari chair is wedding ceremonies and receptions. The classic and elegant appearance of the chair as well as its functionality and quality construction have made it a favorite choice among brides-to-be everywhere.

Why the Chiavari Chair is a Wedding Favorite

1: Design

The design of the Chiavari chair is both appealing and versatile and it’s signature multiple rungs provide a number of functional and design benefits. A more open and inviting back allows you to accomplish an airy vibe at your ceremony and reception . The rungs allow your guests to see through them to the beautiful table scapes and florals, a feature of your wedding that should be showcased, not hidden behind the bulky, closed off back of a standard banquet chair. In addition, the rungs allow for limitless creativity in sashes, covers or even wedding signs that you wish to tie to the back of your chairs.

2: Affordability

There are a number of Chiavari chair distributors and in your search, you may discover that Chiavari chairs vary greatly in price and quality. But be aware that not all Chiavari chairs are made equally! Advantage Church Chairs guarantees top quality chairs at an affordable price.

3: Quality Construction

Chiavari chairs are both lightweight and solid – something that is often very difficult to achieve in the construction of a quality chair. While traditionally made out of wood, resin has recently become a popular alternative. Advantage Church Chairs Chiavari chairs are constructed of sanded hardwood that is then reinforced with steel tubing to ensure the chairs maintain their structure through multiple uses. The addition of the steel core is one of the greatest developments in the chair market, as it increases the chair’s longevity and thus it’s return on investment.

4: Flexibility

The simple elegance of the Chiavari chair makes it one of the most versatile event chairs. It perfectly transitions from wedding ceremony to reception with no hassle or decor change. If you prefer, the Chiavari chair’s stunning appearance on its own allows you to skip the need for chair covers or accessories. One of the greatest benefits of the Chiavari chair is superior stackability allowing for easy storage before and after your event.

5: Variety

The growing popularity of Chiavari chairs has caused an increase in the options brides have for the chair itself. Today, there are a variety of colors and materials available, allowing you to find the one that best compliments your wedding theme. From white to natural wood, to gold, and even solid color options, you are sure to find just the right Chiavari chair for your wedding.

The design, affordability, quality construction, flexibility, and the variety of the Chiavari chair makes it an obvious top choice for your wedding or special event. Contact Advantage Church Chairs today to get your Chiavari chair order started, or to speak with one of our representatives about your options!

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