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Tips for Buying Church Chairs

Churches are much more than worship spaces these days, and their chair choices must reflect that expansion in utility. Individual chairs are typically more preferable than pews because they offer a more flexible and comfortable solution to all of the church’s needs. When you’re buying church chairs, it’s important to remember these tips.

Carefully Look at Their Construction

You have several options when it comes to the overall construction of your church chairs, but you should always look for three things: durability, strength of construction and portability. Seek out chairs made from materials that will last many years of regular use, that have solid architecture and that can easily be moved by staff and volunteers.

Remember Comfort

Your typical church service can last between 45 minutes to several hours long depending on your denomination and the intricacies of the service being performed. While you don’t want your parishioners to be so comfortable that they fall asleep, you do not want them skipping services because they can’t sit through them either.

Look for seating with good cushioning on both the seat and the back of the chair. Even folding chairs can offer reasonable cushioning these days, so there is no excuse to opt for an uncomfortable chair.

Fit Your Storage

Many churches choose to use chairs that can stack so that they can easily be distributed or stored as needed. Whatever chairs you decide on, you will need to be sure that they are able to fit within your storage space—and that they will not be difficult to put into or remove from that space.

Extensive movement between storage and various areas of the church campus may require special equipment that you will also need to buy, so keep that in mind.

The Design Fits Yours

Your church must be able to visually appeal to parishioners, so you will want to make sure that your chairs of choice work well with the overall aesthetic of your church. Have us send you samples of chairs you are considering so you can see how they work with the lighting and colors in the space.

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