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Tips for Choosing Flexible Church Seating

Churches are increasingly becoming multi-purpose facilities to maximize their dollars and expand their reach in the community. As church spaces begin to double as recreation centers or fellowship halls following services, the importance of flexible church seating becomes clear. In addition to services, churches today must be able to provide space for church dinners, ice cream socials, scout troop meetings, community sales events, and even sporting activities.

To accommodate the growing demand for such flexibility, the traditional church pew as the only seating option is phasing out to make way for alternative seating that is easy to move around, stack, and store. Switching to flexible church seating can resolve several concerns facing churches today. Read on for more!


A major motivating factor to the change in church seating is money. Pews are expensive to buy and install and are inflexible once they’re put in place. In order to make your church space work for a variety of purposes while also sticking to your budget, spend money on furniture that allows you to convert your church into a multi-use facility. Church chairs are affordably priced and with so many types and styles of chair to choose from, buyers can find the right type of chair to fit their budget. Our options offer the most popular chair types that can help you save dollars while not compromising design, comfort, or quality.

Design Dilemmas

Making visitors feel comfortable physically and socially requires creating environments that are welcoming, familiar, and appropriate for the events taking place. More and more churches are choosing fan-style seating, placing chairs in a semi-circular layout. Non-traditional designs like these are not possible with immoveable seating like pews. With church chairs you can explore layouts that encourage congregants to look at and interact with each as well as the pastor, giving a communal feel to your services. Making your congregants feel welcome and part of a community will keep them coming to your church beyond just Sunday services.

Comfort Factor

Next to money, physical comfort is probably highest on your list of considerations when deciding on seating for your space. The automobile and office furniture industries have spent millions of dollars on ergonomic studies, and churches can benefit from that research as well. These studies strongly suggest that seating should have a firm cushion and a comfortable seat pan and back. Poorly designed chairs can inhibit blood circulation to the legs and cause unnecessary discomfort to patrons. When searching for comfortable chairs consider things like:

Lumbar support: When your back is not supported properly it can fatigue and cause discomfort. Our chairs offer thick foam padding at the seat and additional padding mid-seat back for lumbar support where you need it most.

Seat cushion: The unique combination of padding and support we offer creates the optimal seat. A cushion that is too soft can sag and wear out, making the chair uncomfortable and unsupportive. The seat cushions on our chairs are made of inches of thick firm foam that provide a supportive seat for your congregants.

Metal or wood frame: Consider either a metal or wood frame for your chairs, depending on the look you want to evoke in your space. Metal frames come in either 16- or 18- gauge steel with T-NUT connections for the strongest construction on the market. In 18.5-, 20.5-, and 21-inch widths, these chairs provide a seat option for every member of your congregation. Metal-framed chairs come with glides on each foot to protect your floors and safeguard against chairs slipping, sliding, or tipping over easily. Wood frames are another option for church chairs. Our beautiful solid wood frames give a luxurious look to your venue. The frames recall the look of wooden pews but provide the comfort and support of a premium chair.

Flexibility: For great flexibility in your worship as well as your storage spaces, we offer folding chairs in metal, plastic, and wood. Our metal chairs come with an option of a padded seat and back and in a variety of colors to go with any facility’s décor. Plastic chairs come in white, black, or gray. Our elegant wood folding chairs are offered in black, white, mahogany, and natural with vinyl padded seats. For easy storing, consider purchasing one of our storage racks as well. These racks help organize and maximize space for efficiently storing and moving when chairs are not in use.

Use your space wisely and efficiently by converting it to a multi-use space. You’ll not only save money this way but you’ll increase the variety and number of events your congregation can participate in, too, ultimately creating a community environment for your worshippers. Investing in church chairs gives you the flexibility to configure your space any way you choose and will save you money in the long run. Stackable, movable, and durable church chairs come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and colors to suit any interior design. Contact us today to discuss your options!

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