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The Complete Guide to Church Seat Cleaning

If you’ve just remodeled your church, you probably have rows of gleaming new church chairs to proudly present to your congregants. You know they won’t stay shiny and clean forever, but you would like to get the best return on your investment.

So you’d like to know how to make sure they stay clean as long as possible. Children will inevitably spill their snacks and drinks, teens and adults will likely spill coffee, and the chairs will get bumped around often.

How do you handle a spill or a stain, and how do you maintain the chairs to help prevent set-in dirt and stains? Here are a few tips to help you keep those new chairs looking new for a long time.

1. Maintenance clean.

The best way to deal with dirt is to always stay on top of it. Add chair cleaning to your staff’s weekly routine. Wipe down the metal or wood parts of the chair with a gentle, damp cloth. Keep an eye out for scratches or loose screws and attachments. Then inspect the fabric to catch fresh stains.

After big events, make sure to do an extra cleaning and chair inspection to ensure that wedding champagne or after dinner coffee didn’t find its way onto the fabric.

2. Prevention deep cleaning.

Every few months, take the time sorting through all of your church chairs. Test each chair to make sure it’s not wobbly. If it is, set it aside for repair. Have a professional test the attachments to ensure that nothing is broken. There’s nothing worse than a chair that breaks when someone goes to sit on it!

For all the rest of the chairs, wipe down the metal with warm water and mild soap. Remove all the sticky residues and dirt. Your chairs will gleam once again. Use a vacuum and lint roller to clean fabric and crevices that collect dust.

3. Fabric stain cleaning.

If you have a fresh spill on a chair, try to soak it up as quickly as you can. The less that is absorbed into the chair, the better. Don’t rub while soaking it up, just dab and soak as much as you can. Rubbing will further push the stain into the fabric.

If possible, invest in a church chair that includes molded cold cured foam.  This type of foam is moisture resistant to keep liquids from soaking through the fabric and into the foam.  Many chairs also include a liquid barrier which prevents liquids from soaking through the fabric altogether.

Keep Your Chairs Clean

Once you’ve invested in new church chairs, take good care of them so they will last many years. Always keep them maintained and clean them regularly to prevent more serious issues. When a spill occurs, try to clean it up immediately, and if you’re unsuccessful at getting a stain out, call in the professionals to clean it up.

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