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The Benefits of Lightweight Folding Chairs for Your Banquet Hall

There are many good reasons why you should consider our folding chairs for your organization’s event space. Sturdy, designed for comfort and incredibly lightweight, they are also multipurpose, a cinch to store and move around and highly versatile in terms of color and decor.


Space is a premium for many groups, so most big rooms are usually used in a number of different ways. You can be hosting a benefit brunch in your banquet hall on a Saturday, a professional seminar in the same room on Monday and a youth rally on Friday. With some busy organizations, one day can be radically different from the next.

Our folding chairs are as adaptable as your multipurpose rooms and halls. Whether you choose our metal, plastic or wooden folding chairs, you can expect them to hold up to constant use. Seat your banquet hall users comfortably – brunch benefactors, seminar guests and young leaders all included.

The Answer to Your Storage Problems

Our folding chairs stack easily and safely, occupying so much less space in your storage areas than regular chairs. No one will avoid cleaning up duties after a major event again. Our folding chair caddies make transporting them a breeze – simply fold them, stack them and wheel them away.

Facilitate Movement

Because our folding chairs are very lightweight, you can move them around without any problem if you need to create more space during an event. And if you have guests or attendants in wheelchairs or tiny tots in strollers, they can easily be maneuvered to accommodate their passage.


It doesn’t matter how fancy or simply your banquet hall event may be, we have the chairs to complement your decor. Our wooden folding chairs with padded seats come in white, black or natural shade and are durable as well as elegant. Our plastic folding chairs come in a variety of colors to match and complete your event color scheme and design.

With almost three decades of experience in the industry, we are the experts when it comes to seating comfort and style. Our folding chairs, and indeed all our chairs, are guaranteed to give you and your guests the best seats in the house.

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