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Take Advantage of Our Blowout Prices on Our Padded Folding Chairs

We are proud of the lasting professional relationships we have established over the years with hundreds of our steady customers from all over the country. We remain committed to providing you with top-quality merchandise and expedient delivery service that spells unparalleled value and substantial savings.

If you’re looking to purchase folding chairs for your church or organization, look no further. We are currently offering our padded folding chairs at fantastic prices.

Quality You Can Afford

At almost 70 percent off, now is the time to refurbish your stock of padded folding chairs. Although at these prices we can offer no warranty, rest assured you will not receive broken, unsafe or substandard merchandise. These items are ideal (and safe) to use for additional seating or special events.

Versatile Decor Element

Our padded folding chairs currently on sale come in beige or grey. These are two colors that can readily complement a wide range of color schemes and interior designs. They are of standard measurements, making it easy for you to purchase chair covers for them should you wish to do so. Use them plain or dressed up – these chairs are versatile enough to bring out for special guests as well as regular worshippers or event attendees.

Well Designed

These chairs are not just designed to provide hours of comfortable seating; they are also built for easy use. Setting them up is a breeze and folding them up afterward for storage is just as easily accomplished. Your staff will thank you for choosing them as they are lightweight, efficient and highly transportable in folding chair caddies.

Keep Up With a Growing Congregation

A robust worship community is certainly something to celebrate, but sometimes your funds do not always increase as quickly as your attendees multiply. These chairs are an ideal interim solution for a growing flock. Use them until such a time when your funds allow you to purchase more permanent seating solutions.

From elegant and versatile church chairs to plastic, metal or wooden folding chairs, you will find our inventory to be both complete and extensive. Our banquet tables come in different sizes and shapes, and we have folding table caddies to make both set-up and clean-up a breeze. Get in touch with us for all your event seating requirements. Our knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives will be glad to assist you with your order.


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