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Standard and Designer Church Chair Fabric Choices

If you are considering getting new church chairs for your church, no doubt you and your church’s budgetary committee are discussing the various fabric choices you have. Your decision here will have an effect on the durability of your chairs and also their overall aesthetic value. With Advantage Church Chairs, you have several options to choose from.

Our Standard Fabric Line

Our standard fabric line is your basic church and banquet chair fabric coverings. These are fabrics that our chairs are typically made in, so we always have chairs with these standard fabrics available to ship immediately. Many churches choose to order from our standard fabric line either for its timely shipping or for budgetary reasons.

Our In-house Upgrade Fabrics

We also have a line of in-house upgrade fabrics that have more of a designer feel to them without the cost of true designer fabric. Our in-house upgrade fabrics have a stronger durability than our standard fabric line, and they tend to add an additional sense of aesthetic beauty to your chairs. These fabrics are available for a small additional charge per chair, and they are available for quick turn-around for church chair orders.

Designer Fabrics

We also have access to brand-name designer fabrics for relatively low prices. These fabrics are always impressive in their appearance and their durability, but they do come at a higher cost than either of the two previously mentioned fabrics. This additional price is far less than it would be if your church tried to purchase the fabric yourselves to cover your church chairs.

We must also note that using designer fabrics does extend the time it will take us to get your chairs to you. Typically, designer fabrics are produced to order, and we must wait until we receive the fabric before we are able to begin creating your chairs.

Customer’s Own Material

If you already have a particular material in mind for your church or banquet chairs, we would be happy to create your chairs using it. You would need to purchase and acquire the fabric then ship it to us, which will extend the time it takes for us to get your chairs to you—sometimes significantly.

This is also the most expensive option as extra shipping costs come into play when you ship the fabric to us, and it is unlikely that your church will have the same kind of buying power at a fabric mill. Few churches decide to go this route, but it is available if you should choose to.

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