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Why You Shouldn’t Rent Wedding Chairs

Wedding season is upon us!

June, August, September, and October are far and away the busiest wedding months of the year. The sunlight lasts longer, the weather is more temperate, and when the fall months begin, the leaves turn radiant colors almost as if to celebrate the beautiful union of two people.

For event planners, now is the time to prepare for your upcoming weddings. It’s hectic to gather all the supplies you’re going to need for multiple events, which can cause you to overlook ways to save money and improve your service during the busy season.

One question you should consider this wedding season: is it better to buy or rent wedding chairs?


Comparing the Cost of Wedding Chair Rentals vs. Purchases

Turn to your receipts for the last wedding you planned. If you rented chairs, you might be surprised by what you find! Basic rentals for wood Chiavari chairs – a beautiful choice for a wedding – can run as low as $8, but once you add liability insurance, a standard $.30 setup fee per chair, and the delivery surcharge from the rental company, your chairs now cost $12 or more each.

You can buy the same wood Chiavari chairs from a bulk seller like Advantage Church Chairs for $29.95 each.

The choice to buy or rent wedding chairs comes down to a business estimate: how many weddings will you handle this season? If the answer is more than three, and your customers tend to use the same chair styles like a classic white Chiavari, then you will come out ahead financially by purchasing chairs. You could pass those savings on to clients, or add them to your margins. You can even rent wedding chairs to other event planners in your area during downtime!

On the other hand, if you don’t regularly work weddings, then you could be better off renting chairs for your events on an as-needed basis. Take a look at your calendar of upcoming events to decide if this applies to you.


Other Considerations for Renting vs. Buying

Event planners often turn away from wedding chair rentals because there is no opportunity to gauge quality until the event is already underway. Faulty chairs are a leading source of injury among wedding guests, who are all to willing to sue for damages. Liability insurance acquired from your rental provider can help, but a better answer is to rely on chairs you know are in perfect condition long before the day of the wedding.

Maintaining your own stock of chairs helps you ensure quality. Classic wedding chairs like Chiavari or X-back chairs are easy to clean and maintain with a simple wipe-down regimen. Before a wedding, walk through your supply and test chairs for reliability. Of course, when you do manage your event, be sure to purchase liability insurance for the event – not just your chairs!


Making The Decision

As this year’s wedding season begins, consider whether you should buy or rent wedding chairs. If your calendar is full of these celebrations, you’ll likely find that buying chairs will put you ahead financially. Curious about the best chairs for your events? Our friendly, experienced staff would love to help you reach the right answer for your business. Give us a call today!

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