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Should I Buy Church Chairs from a Reseller?

Whether you are a large or small congregation, refurnishing your worship space will likely entail a significant capital investment. If you’re planning to purchase new church chairs, it is advisable to deal with the chair manufacturers themselves rather than resellers. Below are some reasons why you should take this extra precaution.


Manufacturers who sell to distributors know that they have to price their products attractively so distributors will buy from them. In order to keep their prices competitive, these items are usually manufactured at the lowest cost possible by using inferior products (poor-quality paint, low-gauge steel, off-brand fabrics, etc.). Workmanship is sacrificed as well in order to push out as many products as possible in the least amount of time.


Because they simply sell products made by someone else, resellers do not have any control over the quality and timely supply of their products. From the frames to the fabric and foundation materials – it’s all out of their hands. The original manufacturers may not even be in the country, in which case they do not even have any control over product availability, shipping schedules, etc. Buying from chair manufacturers gives you an extra measure of confidence that the materials and stock of your items are guaranteed.


The voyage of the items sold by a reseller is a lengthy one. They are first bought from the original manufacturers by a distributor (often passing through the hands of two distributors if they are manufactured abroad). A reseller buys them from the distributor and then sells them to the end consumer. At every juncture in this journey, the prices of the items increase because everyone needs to make a profit. By the time you buy them from the reseller, you can be paying up to three or four times the worth of the items. Cutting out the middlemen by buying directly from a manufacturer always gets you a better price.

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