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Seven Things to Consider When Buying New Church Chairs

We have worked with hundreds of churches over our lifetime as a supplier of church furniture and in that time we have learned that there are seven main things churches need to think about before they decide on new seating. These are:


Cost is the most important factor when you are looking at new church chairs. Although new chairs should be an investment, they should not break your budget.


Comfort is second only to cost. Your parishioners need to feel comfortable in their seats, even if the preacher decides to deliver a longer sermon than usual. We recommend choosing seating with a healthy amount of padding for maximum comfort.


In order for your church to have flexibility in its seating arrangements, you have to be able to store your seating easily. Stacking or folding chairs are the current standards for maximizing your storage space.


By their very nature, the chairs in your church will receive a lot of use. All of that wear and tear requires chairs that are incredibly durable.


Part of your church’s appeal is entirely aesthetic. Everyone wants his or her religious space to look appropriately impressive, and your chair choice should fit in with that desire. We recommend that you have samples of your flooring, wall color and any accent colors with you when you make your chair choice.


Because churches move their seating around frequently, the handling of your chairs should be reasonably easy. Avoid overly heavy or bulky chairs that could make set up or take down difficult.


In addition to their primary seating options, many churches also have secondary or transitional seating that they use in case of overflow or for activities outside of the sanctuary.

We strongly recommend using padded, cloth-covered seats for your primary seating and using chairs that are easier to move, like metal folding chairs, for your secondary/transitional seating.

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