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Resin Chiavari Chairs vs. Wood Chiavari Chairs: Which Is Better For Your Event?

The Chiavari chair brings a warmth and historic appeal like few other chair designs. Its look is both regal and accessible and comes in quality materials like wood and resin. The style was created in 1807 by a cabinetmaker from the Italian coastal town of Chiavari and refined over the years in the French Empire style to lighten the structure and streamline its decorative elements. The chair’s popularity quickly spread around Italy and eventually to the rest of the world. Today, both wood and resin Chiavari chairs are a popular choice for outfitting rooms that require dozens, hundreds or even thousands of seats.

Chiavari chairs are known for being constructed in a way that is optimized for each component to carry stress and weight ideally. Its innovative craftsmanship makes them both durable and stylish. They are an excellent choice for seating and décor in restaurants, banquet halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms, churches – or wherever reliable yet classically stylish seating is required. They are available in a range of wood types and tones, as well as alternative materials like resin. Which is right for your needs – the wood Chiavari chair, or the resin Chiavari chair? Read on to explore some of the pros and cons of each.

Wood Chiavari Chair Features and Limitations

Wood brings with it an undeniable warmth and a natural inviting quality. Wood Chiavari chairs are available in just about any wood stain color or paint tone you can imagine, offering a versatile addition to any business or event décor. A wood Chiavari chair can also be repainted or refinished as needed.

Wood Chiavari chairs tend to be less expensive than other material choices like resin, making them an appealing choice for those on a budget. That said, wood can be prone to chipping or scratching, so care must be taken to preserve wood Chiavari chairs and handle them accordingly. If wood Chiavari chairs are stacked and unstacked often and/or transported regularly, they can be prone to this type of damage over time.

While a wood Chiavari chair can add an unparalleled warmth, feel and style to any event, you have to be prepared to treat them well and maintain their finish as needed to ensure their attractive look lasts through the years. Overall, they are ideal for uses where they will be kept stationary and not transported very often.

Resin Chiavari Chair Pros and Cons

A less labor intensive alternative to the wood Chiavari chair is the resin Chiavari chair. Resin Chiavari chairs require less maintenance, upkeep and care. Resin is a highly resilient furniture material that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Resin is extremely solid and resists wear, unlike wood which can scratch, chip, fade or rot if exposed to moist or variable conditions.

Resin Chiavari chairs feature high-density resin molded on a steel frame, so you can be sure that they will be solid and resilient over time, even if they are moved and transported regularly. They are scratch resistant, fade resistant and as less prone to damage when stacked or during transportation.

Chiavari chairs made of resin materials are also UV resistant, making them a great choice for outdoor as well as indoor events. Maintenance is minimal for resin Chiavari chairs, and a quick wipedown is often all that’s needed to have them cleaned off and ready for the next event.

While the resin Chiavari chair tends to cost more than their wooden counterparts, many users feel that the ease of care and maintenance makes the extra cost worth it. While a resin Chiavari chair may lack some of the warmth exuded by a wooden Chiavari chair, a range of resin colors are available to fit just about any style, taste or décor.

Selecting the Right Chairs for Your Needs

Clearly, both wood and resin Chiavari chairs have their features and benefits. However, each material is better suited for certain uses, needs and situations. No matter which material type you choose, you’ll get to enjoy exquisite Chiavari style in either model.

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