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Should You Rent or Buy Church Chairs?

If you are currently in the market for new chairs for your church congregation, you may think that renting is more advantageous and financially savvy than buying.

However, with the discount rates available through select church chair vendors, purchasing quality church furniture may not be as far out of reach as you think. And with available financing, the superior quality of the furniture trumps the upfront convenience of the lower costs of renting.

The Downside of Renting Church Chairs

Interest Rates

While church chair rental companies may advertise low monthly payments, they likely have sky-high interest rates. This is especially true with rent-to-own church chair companies.

It has been found that across the board, rent-to-own furniture companies force renters to pay up to 311% annual interest, and church chairs are no exception to this trend. To give you a better idea of what this means, credit card companies typically charge interest rates of 25%. Rent-to-own church chair companies may end up charging you interest rates that are more than 12 times that of credit card companies!

Additionally, if you are considering church chair rentals due to financial constraints, there is a possibility that you may not be able to fulfill the strict contract terms for renting your chairs. The inability to follow through with the terms of your contract puts you at risk of unnecessary financial and legal consequences.


The fine print on church chair rental contracts, including miscellaneous fees that have little to do with the furniture itself, can be enough to make your head spin.

Additionally, if you change your mind during your contract period, the chances that you will be charged a hefty contract termination fee are great.

Renting church chairs also means high-interest rates, and if your credit score is less than stellar, your interest rates run the risk of being raised even higher.

Paying late on your church chair rental contract can be detrimental to your credit history. Late payments have the ability to impact major things in your life, such as future apartment rental applications or mortgage payments, as well as the amount you’ll have to pay to turn on utilities at your new home.

The Upside of Buying Church Chairs


With rentals, the quality of your church chair is never guaranteed. However, you are able to ensure the lasting quality of your church chairs if you own them and have full control over the maintenance of the chairs.

Classic church chairs require very little maintenance—a simple wipe-down regimen every few months will keep the stains and typical wear and tear at bay. It is also a good idea to walk through your supply of church chairs and test them for reliability prior to a wedding or church event.


Although rental companies work hard to make it seem as if the church chairs they have available for rent are high quality, chances are, you wouldn’t want to live with them permanently. If the chairs were truly good quality, they most likely would not be at a rent-to-own furniture business. Furniture you love is either: a.) something you splurged on, b.) something you invested time researching, or c.) something you purchased off of Craiglist or at a store sale at a fabulous price.

People running rent-to-own church chair companies are neither splurging on the church chairs they’re renting, nor taking the time to search for the perfect chair.

If you are worried about the investment costs of purchasing high-quality church chairs, look no further than Advantage Church Chairs and their layaway program. If your church chair purchase totals at least $1500, you are eligible for a 90-day layaway with a 50% down payment. Additionally, at any time from the date you ordered your chairs up to 90 days, you can pay the balance of your chairs 100% interest-free.

These reasons and more are what make purchasing quality church chairs a much better option than renting. You can even sell your church chairs down the road and earn back some of your initial investment.

Advantage Church Chairs makes finding the perfect, affordable, high-quality church chair incredibly easy. They recognize that making a big-ticket purchase is never easy, and never goes without much thought and consideration; buying new chairs for your worship service is no exception.

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing your church chairs—from color and style to quality and price. Advantage Church Chairs is here to reduce the stress of these decisions and ensure you’re able to focus your attention on the excitement of your brand new chairs. Call Advantage Church Chairs today for more information and to get your order started.

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