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Qualities of a Well-Made Church Chair

People often find themselves purchasing furniture that may not be the highest quality in order to save money.

And sometimes, this works out. However, more often than not, purchasing lower quality furniture results in more money spent in the long run. Low quality furniture does not last as long as furniture of higher quality and requires replacement more frequently. Not to mention the frustration involved in researching and vetting your purchase, only to have it break or show signs of wear and tear shortly after.

To avoid the additional time and costs involved in regularly replacing low quality furniture, consider investing in some higher quality pieces, specifically church chairs.

When it comes to providing seating for your church, you do not want to worry about having to frequently repair broken chairs, or finding the next cheap deal to replace your broken chairs with new ones.

Instead, invest the little bit of extra money into quality church chairs that will give you and your congregation what they need.

How do you determine what makes a church chair high quality versus low quality? We are here to help you answer this question. By the end of this article you will know how to recognize and purchase long-lasting, quality church chairs. Continue reading for what to look for when purchasing well-made church chairs.

#1: Construction

The construction of a quality chair differs a great deal from that of a cheap chair. If you find a church chair that is held together with staples, nails, or glue, you should walk away, and fast.

At Advantage Church Chairs, we assemble all of our chairs in-house using T-Nut construction. This means that the chair’s screws fasten into nuts that are embedded in the plywood, providing the strongest connection of the seat and the back to the chair’s frame.

Additionally, Advantage Church Chairs’ chairs are all constructed with a steel frame as the base. This 16-gauge frame comes in a variety of finishes and is able to withstand up to 600-1000 pounds of weight under normal use.

#2: Composition

Composition is another component of church chairs that allows you to easily distinguish between high-quality furniture and lower quality. Particleboard and fiberboard are clear indicators that the church chair you are about to invest in is not worth your time or money. These cheaper types of board do not last over an extended time of wear and tear and also weaken structurally overtime, causing safety concerns to the user.

Woods such as plywood are much more solid and worth the bit of extra cost. Advantage Church Chairs uses ½ inch plywood backing and seating for all of its church chairs. This stronger backing provides years of support that will not weaken like materials such as particleboard.

The comfort of your church chairs is also important. With Advantage Church Chairs, you will have padded backs that use 100% virgin polyurethane foam to provide the greatest level of comfort and durability. In addition to that, we also ensure every church chair has lumbar support that fits the contour of the back to ensure extra comfort.

High quality chairs also have different seats than their cheaper counterparts. Good quality seats are recognized as having foam that is 1.8 pounds or higher. Advantage Church Chair’s PCHT series’ 4-inch padded church chair seats all have 2-pound 100% virgin polyurethane foam, exceeding the industry standard for comfort.

The fabric used on the seat cover is also something you need to consider in your church chair purchase. Many cheap chairs use low quality fabric which will not hold up over time. Advantage Church Chairs uses highly-durable fabric (available in a variety of color options) that has been tested for up to 250,000 double rubs.

With the information provided above, you should have a much easier time purchasing quality furniture that will last. Do not be afraid to ask questions in order to gather the information you need to make a well-informed decision about your church chairs. Your congregation deserves quality in seating that they will be utilizing for years to come. For a detailed checklist on buying your next church chairs, see our post here with tips and advice!

The extra time, money, and effort that you put into purchasing quality church chairs versus low quality ones will greatly pay off in the long-run. With quality chairs such as the ones at Advantage Church Chairs, you won’t have to worry about fixing broken chairs or regularly replacing cheap ones. You can even customize your church chairs to perfectly suit your church’s style! Contact us today and talk to one of our representatives about your next church chair purchase!

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