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Product Comparison: Plastic Folding Tables vs. Wood Folding Tables

With our nearly three decades of experience in the field, we have provided a lot of comfortable seating for our customers all over the country. Despite our name, which we love, we also offer a wide range of folding tables that can fulfill practically any purpose you have in mind.

Our plastic and wood folding tables are well-designed, expertly crafted and no problem at all to stack and store. Many of our table styles even come in adjustable heights for the added comfort of all your guests and participants.

The Plastic Advantage

Save on time and labor when you use our lightweight plastic folding tables for your next big event. They come in round and rectangular shapes as well as different widths, so you can choose the kind that best fits your event requirements. They are also incredibly durable and a breeze to clean and keep in good condition, which saves you money in maintenance costs over time.

The Versatility of Wood

Our wooden banquet tables also come in round or rectangular shape, plus one more – serpentine. A unique and versatile shape, it can lend an added flair to your event. It can also be a great addition to a forum-style event where one resource person can make a mini-presentation to three or four participants.

Our wooden folding tables come in a warm wood tone. You can choose to use it bare or dress it up with a linen table cloth in the same color as your event’s motif. Either way, they can complement and complete the overall appeal of your room decor. These are sturdy and well-balanced, making it a safe choice to bear both heavy equipment and delicate items.

We also make it easy for you to store, stack and move our folding tables with our handy table caddies. Each one is specifically designed to easily and safely accommodate our round and rectangular banquet tables.

No matter which folding table you choose, you can be confident that you are making a wise investment for your organization.

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