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Product Comparison: Banquet Chairs vs. Padded Folding Chairs

When it comes to seating choices for your guests and attendees at a function, there are quite a number of options available. For comfort, style and affordability, consider our banquet chairs and padded folding chairs for your next event. Both come in a variety of versatile colors and are designed and crafted for many years of use.

Our Banquet Chairs

Stylish and plush, our sturdy banquet chairs come in vinyl or fabric upholstery. They come with rocker glides to allow for smooth movement as well as for ease of set up. The glides also help protect your floors from scratches and scrapes. Built-in stack bars and bumpers make it almost effortless to stack the chairs for storage and transport.

Designed for comfort and built for many years of regular use, our banquet chairs are safe for guests of all ages. The elderly, restless young children and everyone in between will feel relaxed and energized even after many hours of sitting. Avoid muscle cramps and restlessness brought on by uncomfortable chairs. Our luxurious banquet chairs increase the enjoyment and assure the participation of your guests in event activities, thus helping you host a successful and memorable event.

Padded Folding Chairs

If you need temporary extra seating for a convention or a major conference, you will find that our padded folding chairs will suit your seating requirements quite adequately. Although lightweight, they are durable and designed for safety. If your event requires participants to break up in small groups for discussion and sharing, you will find these padded folding chairs to be perfectly suited for this purpose. They are easy to set up, stack and store, saving you many hours of manpower. They are also highly transportable, making them the ideal choice for seating for special, transitory events.

It’s easy to pair our banquet chairs and padded folding chairs with our folding banquet tables, which come in a variety of shapes. Our round, rectangular or serpentine banquet tables can be accommodated in tight or roomy event spaces. Dress them up to lend an elegant atmosphere to your event or use them as they come for a simple or somber gathering.

No matter what type of event you’re planning for your company or organization, you will find our chairs and tables to be the ideal choice for the comfort and safety of your guests. The color, quality and design of our items complement a wide variety of event decor and are guaranteed to please your guests as well as seat them in complete comfort.

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