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Preparing Banquet Facilities for Spring and Summer Events

When the weather finally turns beautiful after the dreary winter, everyone wants to celebrate with their friends and loved ones. Is your banquet facility prepared for the large number of guests you will have during the spring and summer months? Here are some of our tips on how to make sure you’re prepared.


Inspect and Replace

Before your spring and summer rush begins, take a few minutes to inspect your existing tables and chairs. Remove any that may have cracking, rusting, or other forms of damage. Replace what you throw away. If it looks like the majority of your chairs and/or tables need replacing, consider replacing your entire stock to ensure a cohesive appearance. (Also consider replacing your stock if you can no longer purchase the same style of table or chair as is damaged.)


Add More Seating

Although your banquet hall will inevitably have space restrictions on how many people you can host, it is likely that you will benefit from having more seating than just that number. Having additional seating available allows you more options, including outdoor events and easy replacement for damaged seating.



We can’t emphasize this point enough: you need to make sure that your landscape is beautiful for spring, even if you do not host outdoor events. Your landscaping is what initially draws your potential clients in. If your landscaping is lacking, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the interior of your space is—someone is bound to have second thoughts. If you have the room, we highly recommend creating an outdoor space for your banquet facility to encourage weddings and other outdoor events to consider your venue.


What are some special ways you’ve prepared your banquet hall for spring and summer events? Did you have any unexpected challenges you conquered, and do you have any advice for other event spaces that you wish you’d known?

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