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On the Move? Tips and Tricks for a Church Relocation

While it may not happen often, a congregation will sometimes need to move to a new address. Perhaps a lease is up where you currently worship. More often, it’s a need for more space—additional parking, a larger place to worship, host more community programs, etc. A church relocation is a major undertaking with a great deal of packing and items to move as well as decisions to be made for the new spiritual home.

Building New

In some instances, a congregation has raised funds and built an entirely new church. When this is the case, the church will be more likely to buy new, matching furnishings for the new building. If the old location is being sold or leased, the existing furnishings can be part of the deal or you can sell the old furnishings to help pay for the new ones.

Sometimes, it can be more cost-effective to start with new church furniture for several reasons. The time and cost of moving extremely large and heavy wood church pews can be considerable. A single pew can weigh several hundred pounds or more. And in a larger space, the challenge and cost of getting similar pews made to match existing church seating will be considerable.

Changing Church Seating

Many churches today are turning to church chairs to meet their seating needs. Church chairs can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of church pews. In addition, they are stackable, easily replaceable, and matching chairs can easily be added for growing congregations. Also, if you have the convenient church chair caddies or dollies, the chairs can be easily moved from one part of the church to another for events, classes and other special programs.

Proper Communication

However, as with any major change within a congregation, a major key is communication. Keeping church members informed so they feel they are a part of what’s happening is an important step. Coupled with that is transparency. If construction is running behind or costs are starting to edge dangerously close to the expected total, let them know about these challenges as soon as possible.

Get worshippers involved and excited about the upcoming church relocation. Whether the new church is around the block or 10 miles away, you want to get as many people in your congregation as possible looking forward to the switch. Form a few committees to help with the transition process. Get the congregation involved in a few of the decisions. For instance, you could come up with a couple color and furnishing schemes for the chapel area and have them vote on which one they prefer.

And, as with any change, know that not everyone is going to be on board with leaving the old building behind. There will be some who have a sentimental attachment to the building. Perhaps they were married there, were saved there, or baptized their children in that facility. For more senior members of your congregation, the further away the new church is from the current location, the less supportive they are going to be about the idea of relocating. Most seniors have, understandably, had a lot of changes forced upon them in their long lives and are at a point now where they don’t want more. Just know that there will be resistance here and have patience in dealing with it. One possible selling point could be that your new facility will have more room to offer additional senior-oriented programs.

Remember The Old

Find a way to honor and remember the old/original church at your new location. This will be more important to some members of your congregation than others. It shows the importance of the history of your church, its founding members, previous pastors, etc. Just because there is a new address does not mean all that has taken place before should not be celebrated and honored.

And finally, try to do at least some advance preparation for the opening day of your new church while still at your old facility. This is especially important if the new space is larger and you will need to train more greeters, have additional Sunday School staff, have a larger choir, etc.

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