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Now Trending: Modern Church Décor Your Worshippers Will Love

You want to grow your church by attracting new members and retaining your current members. Making sure your growth strategy is complete including a focus on church decor. It might not be the first thing you think of, but it will come up in discussion!

Let’s face it. The ambiance of a building matters a lot when new attendees come to try out your church. If you haven’t paid attention to every detail, they might not enjoy the vibe and drift off to another church where they feel more welcome or comfortable.

Communication is crucial in attracting new members and one way of doing this effectively is to make sure your church’s decor communicates who the church is and what you value. The decor isn’t a small detail to dismiss, but rather an important way to tell people about your congregation and why they are the best fit for a new member.

So what should you pay attention to when it comes to decor? Here are a few things to consider for your church’s remodel.

1. Flooring

Old, stained carpeting from the 1990s tells members that you either don’t care much for cleanliness or you’re desperately low on funding. They want to be part of a living church that is growing because it’s doing amazing work. So it’s time to upgrade your floors.

Opt for commercial carpeting that is highly stain resistant, looks modern, and will stay fresh looking for as long as possible. If you have a sizable flooring budget, you could also choose ceramic floor tiles with a modern flair, though they won’t help with sound buffering or warmth.

2. Windows

The first thing to keep in mind when updating windows is efficiency and budget. Then you can focus on design and go a more traditional route, especially if your church is historic, or a more modern route.

If you do decide on stained glass windows or other traditional window architecture, just make sure that you balance out the old with lots of modern touches inside the church. Some members do enjoy an old-fashioned, traditional feel, so add a little touch of it somewhere in your church if you’ve opted for modern windows.

3. Podium and stage

If your church has a stage and podium you can choose to have one specially designed to complement your church’s brand in order to stand out from every other church in town. Select a craftsperson who understands your mission, vision, and who you serve, plus the way you want the church to feel.

You can also hire designers to create a specific feel for the stage, from the way it’s set up, to the special lighting effects, to how the wall behind is decorated. This part of the church can really “wow” a potential new member all the way through Sunday services.

4. Chairs

Don’t forget to update the seating in your church. Pews don’t meet the needs of a modern church that also acts as a community center. Replace old, inflexible pews or outdated chairs with comfortable church chairs.

Choose the kind that can be rearranged easily for different meetings and events, and that can be stacked for storage. You never know when you’ll need to clear the floor for a youth dance or wedding party!

5. Details

After your remodel is complete, make sure to focus on all the details of the church. Bring in some fresh eyes to help you with the inspection. Still have the lace tissue box covers from the 1980s? Time to retire the outdated look and give every space and corner an updated, modern vibe.

Consider hiring a designer to come in and help you give some new life to aspects of the church like the lighting, the technology, and the presentation. Getting some fresh perspectives can help you design a church that your congregation will adore.

When you’re ready to update your church chairs and other church furnishings, reach out to Advantage Church Chairs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and would love to help you design a church space that will help you meet your growth goals. You can find us online at and by calling 1 (855) 294-0532.

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