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What Modern Church Chairs Are Best For Your Congregation?

Church chairs are one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your church. Over the coming years, your congregation will use these chairs for everything from regular worship seating to Sunday school to special events like weddings and other gatherings.

Modern church chairs have come a long way, evolving from stone to wood, to now upholstered, finely-crafted pieces of stylish furniture that themselves add to the atmosphere of a church service.

When you shop around for just the right modern church chairs to suit your congregation, you’ll want to consider some of these factors:

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Cost
  • Functionality & flexibility
  • Durability


Comfort is perhaps the biggest factor in deciding which modern church chairs best suit your congregation. After all, they will be sitting in these chairs for more than an hour at a time! Padded church chairs are often the best choice for hours of comfort; our Advantage series chairs provide several inches of padding for ultimate comfort.


For standard church services, padded church chairs are the best balance of comfort, durability, and cost. But our customers love our line of Chiavari, X-back, and custom banquet chairs for special events like weddings, or for areas of the church that benefit from the atmosphere of beautiful chairs. Our wood and resin Chiavari chairs are especially attractive, but take up more space than basic padded chairs or folding chairs.


When you buy chairs for an entire congregation, the cost can quickly add up! That’s why we always recommend purchasing in bulk to take advantage of discount modern church chair pricing. Regardless of what style of chair you elect to purchase, you’ll find the best deals when purchasing in bulk. If your church is particularly constrained by cost, you can elect to choose plastic or metal chairs instead of wooden chairs. The more bare-bones the chair, like our easily stored and flexible folding chairs, the lower the cost.

However, modern church chairs are one place you’ll want to prioritize durability and comfort over cost considerations. You’ll be using these chairs for years, after all! That’s why at Advantage Church Chairs, we pride ourselves on combining exceptional quality with bulk pricing and provide warranties to make sure you’re covered long after your purchase.

Function & Flexibility

Your choice of chair will be dictated by the intended use of your chairs. For weekly worship services, most churches elect to pick up 18.5-inch, 20.5-inch, or 21-inch padded chairs. For special events, chapels, and wedding services, our Chiavari banquet chairs are a perfect choice. If your church is particularly sensitive to space or price considerations, you might find that our folding chairs are an excellent choice.


When you buy from Advantage Church Chairs, you can rest safe in the knowledge all of our chairs are designed with durability in mind. Even so, it’s smart to choose plastic or metal chairs when they will undergo rough treatment. If chairs will see light use, like standard worship service, you’ll be safe choosing chairs of any type.

A concise overview of our modern church chairs:

If you’d like a quick comparison of modern church chairs for your church, you can use this list:

  • Plastic or metal folding chairs: For basics in cost and utility.
  • Padded folding chairs: A step up from basic into the comfort zone.
  • Wood folding chairs: Attractive, with a more “rustic” effect.
  • Church chairs: Our most popular chair for church services
  • Banquet chairs: A great option for new churches and fellowship halls
  • Resin Chiavari chairs: Where high-backed beauty gives you aesthetic and structural value.
  • Wood Chiavari chairs: Classic style provides a traditional look and feel to event spaces.
  • X-Back chairs: Provides a rustic look that’s perfect for wedding venues.
  • Folding chair caddies: Help your staff quickly and easily store chairs.

Our church chairs have a number of features that can help your congregation enjoy worship in comfort for hours:

  • 2.25″ – 4.5″ padded seats: Keeps backsides from cramping or discomfort.
  • 1-1/2″ padded back and lumbar support: For extra comfort and support, especially for long-term seating.
  • Plywood base: For added firmness in the chair.
  • 18 to 16-gauge steel frame: For ultimate durability and longevity.
  • Glides: Help protect floor surfaces.
  • Durable fabric: To ensure a longer shelf life for your chairs.

A modern church is defined as a sacred place. By choosing top quality chairs, you can keep the focus on worship and reverence and not on your seating.

When purchasing from Advantage Church Chairs, the choices on color, design, structure, and price give you a nearly endless palette of plenty when designing and procuring chairs for modern church spaces that perfectly suit your congregation’s needs.

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