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Maximizing Your Church’s Fiscal Budget for 2015

Large organizations and small worship communities alike need to be fiscally savvy in order to survive and thrive in a difficult economy. We understand the financial constraints that some of our customers face. This is why we are constantly negotiating with our suppliers in order to secure the best deal for all our customers.

Our church chairs, banquet tables and folding chairs are reasonably priced, well designed and expertly crafted to give our customers many years of use. Stretch your budget and still provide safe and comfortable seating for your worship community by following the practical tips below.

Dual Function

For the occasional event or celebration, you can use our church chairs as banquet chairs so you don’t have to lease extra seating for just one event. You can simply detach them from one another and use them as individual chairs. You may want to consider investing in chair covers to protect the chairs from spills and damage and also to add a distinct decorative element to your event.

Chair Covers

If you already have banquet or folding chairs that are still in good condition but are showing signs of wear and tear, having customized chair covers made for them is an excellent way to save money in the long run. If you’re only going to have one set of chair covers made, choose a neutral color like white, gray or cream. This way, you can customize them according to the event or occasion in which they will be used. By simply adding the right seasonal accents, you can provide elegant seating for your guests for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new chairs.

Buy Smart

When it’s time to buy new church chairs, shop around for the best prices and quality you can find. Don’t settle for the first company that offers you the lowest prices. Keep in mind that quality products will more than pay for themselves over time.

Here at Advantage Church Chairs, we work hard to find equitable pricing solutions that do not compromise the quality of any of the products we offer our customers. We drive a fair but hard bargain with our suppliers to make sure that our customers get top-quality products at reasonable prices.

Our folding tables and metal, plastic or wooden folding chairs are guaranteed to give you many years of safe and comfortable seating. You can count on our long history in the industry to deliver only high-quality merchandise and attentive customer care.

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