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Liven Up Your Chiavari Chairs with Satin Seat Covers

Chiavari chairs have long been a staple in the wedding and banquet industry. These lightweight, durable chairs were first built by an Italian craftsman in the early nineteenth century and were immediately a hit among nobility for the same reasons they are cherished today. They are both elegant and versatile while still able to be stacked, moved and used again and again. Chiavari chairs are right at home in any ballroom or backyard. To add an extra layer of style to these sophisticated chairs, we suggest using satin seat covers. 

Fine Satin Seat Covers Make an Impression

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as satin. The way the smooth texture glides coolly against the hand is simply unmatchable with any other fabric. The addition of satin seat covers creates an unmistakably elegant look as well. Especially in low evening lighting, shimmering satin will dazzle your guests while the comfort and strength of your Chiavari chairs will keep them happy for the entire event.

Add a Personal Touch

Chair covers not only protect your Chiavari chairs from food or drink stains, but they also present another opportunity to customize your event. Depending on your own personal preference, there are different options for the satin chair covers you choose. There are of course a wide variety of colors to complement your event’s  scheme, but there are also different styles from ruched to form fitting. Finally, adding a custom embellishment to each chair’s seat cover is a unique way to reenforce the driving theme behind your event, whether it’s a wedding, baby shower or corporate party.

Advantage Church Chairs is proud to offer a broad selection of Chiavari chairs for sale in an assortment of colors sure to coordinate any event, including black, gold, fruitwood, lime wash, mahogany, natural, silver and white. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly associates. We’re happy to help you find the perfect seating for your venue!

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