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Ideas for Used Church Chairs

When you replace your church’s chairs with new ones, you may have several used church chairs left over. Instead of just throwing those chairs away, why not figure out a creative alternative use that you and your parishioners can enjoy?

Seating for Parties

When your church hosts gatherings and parties, you may often need a bit of extra seating. Used church chairs are a great way to provide that seating without taking up too much extra space. Because you are using older chairs, there’s no need to be concerned that guests will spill their drinks or food — simply clean the mess if you can and don’t worry if you can’t.

Great Garden Furniture

Wooden church chairs can make fun and quirky garden or patio furniture. Have some of your handier parishioners strip the wood of its old varnish and polish, sand down any rough edges and then treat it with outdoor wood preservative. You can then use these chairs in your church garden or sell them at your annual yard sale.

Unusual Dining Furniture

Formal dining rooms have become a little outdated in the modern home. People are constantly looking for ways to bring some personality and interest into these traditional spaces, and church chairs are a great way to do it. Your church may be able to make a bit of money during your annual yard sale by selling off used chairs to be used as unique dining furniture.

Drama Performances

Church is the perfect place for people of all ages to participate in plays and other performances dedicated to the Glory of God. You can put used church chairs to great use by allowing performers to use them as props for the play or by using them to seat the audience.

If your church does not have the storage space to keep your old chairs, consider donating them to a local school’s drama department. They will greatly appreciate the donation, and you will know that your chairs have gone on to have even more use.


Sometimes, used church chairs are in such poor condition that there really is no salvaging them. Repairs are expensive, and your church can often save money by just buying new chairs. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to dispose of the old chairs by using them as fuel for fires. Have volunteers break down the chairs, being sure to remove any metal or plastic parts, then allow youth groups and other retreat groups to use the wood to fuel fires on camp outs.

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