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How to Customize the Perfect Chairs for Your Church

It can be difficult to find the exact perfect chairs for a church. You are trying to bring a welcoming feeling to your sanctuary while simultaneously offering your congregation the comfort they need to get through the more long-winded sermons your preacher sometimes writes. Fortunately, the individual plush, upholstered chairs that are popular with churches today can easily be customized to fit your church’s decor and ergonomic needs.

Fabric Color and Pattern

Each of our church chairs comes with your choice of a variety of colored and patterned fabrics. We offer fabric sample packs so that you can choose the right combination of color and pattern to fit your church’s overall decor. We encourage you to remember that lighter colors are more likely to show dirt than darker shades and that your fabrics will need to be durable enough to withstand the heavy wear and tear that comes with regular congregation use.

Frame Finishes

You can further customize the appearances of your church chairs by picking what color and style of frame finish you want. We recommend that you look for ultra-durable coatings that will withstand wear and tear throughout the life of the chair. Ask our representatives if the finish you are thinking of has been saltwater tested for durability and how the finish is achieved.


While there are certainly standard heights and widths for church chairs, it is possible to alter these dimensions with some of our chair models. Typically, the height of your chairs will be around 34 inches and the width will be between 20 and 23 inches. Wider chairs are more preferred by many parishioners, especially larger individuals, but these church chairs do tend to take up more space, which allows you fewer individual seats. We encourage you to find a good compromise between comfort and saving space. Often, churches will decide to remove arm rests to make chairs more comfortable for larger churchgoers without sacrificing space.


Your church services will determine what, if any, accessories you will need to come with your church chairs. Many churches choose to create fixed seating by adding upholstered theater inserts that help to keep the chairs together in a row, much like a pew. You may choose to have upholstered pew ends or a variety of arm caps for chairs with arms. Book racks or pockets are a popular option for keeping hymnals and bibles in easy reach, and some churches opt for small cup holders to make communion easy.

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