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How To Choose Church Chairs That Last

In today’s fragile economy, frugal business spending is the order of the day. In many instances, it is not only a wise and prudent move but also a matter of survival. Churches both big and small are in the same floundering fiscal boat. Austerity, long considered a virtue to aspire for, has now become a necessity in order to worship and serve yet another day.

There are many ways that churches can implement belt-tightening measures to save precious and scarce resources. One of them is making sure that you get the best value for your hard-earned money. If your congregation is in the market for new church chairs, you’re in luck. Here at Advantage Church Chairs we continually strive to deliver high-quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Is your congregation looking for new church chairs to replace worn ones? Do you need more chairs to accommodate an increasing number of service attendees? No matter what your reason may be for needing new church chairs, we can assure you that our prices and the quality of our merchandise will win you over. Our church chairs are economical, built for extensive use and designed for comfort and safety.

Safe and Sturdy Frame Construction

Our chairs come with at least 16-inch steel powder-coated frames that are available in a number of finishes. These steel frames can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of static weight and many years of normal use. In fact, we are so confident about the construction of our steel frames that they come with a lifetime warranty against failure caused by broken welds. All our chairs come with rocker glides for easy movement and to protect your floors from scratches and scrapes.

We fasten the screws into nuts that are embedded in the plywood resulting in the strongest connection of seat and back to frame. Sturdy steel hook and receiver ganging devices are built into our chairs so you can fasten multiple chairs together quickly to form rows. They can be uncoupled without much trouble for transport and storage.

Comfortable Seating

We use only 100 percent virgin polyurethane foam to pad the seat and back of our chairs for superior durability and lasting comfort. The fabrics we use come in a variety of colors that are carefully chosen to complement a variety of church decor. Our church chairs are ergonomically designed with ample lumbar support that fits the contour of the back for added comfort. Both our foam and fabric are flame retardant.

We are committed to serving our customers by providing them with quality merchandise at reasonable prices. If you need banquet tables and chairs, folding chairs or caddies, contact us because we can provide you with those as well.

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