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Holiday Traditions Are Here To Last

The arrival of December marks several holidays in rapid succession. Some are denomination-based, while others, like New Year’s, are not. With the holidays come many traditions for a diverse range of people. It’s a nostalgic time for many, remembering what they have done in holidays past or honoring how their families have always celebrated.

Holiday traditions can bring out the best in people and families. It often evokes a desire to give to others. This is why there are traditions such as working at the kitchen of a homeless shelter, collecting presents for Toys for Tots or similar community-based programs, and visiting residents of nursing homes who sometimes few, if any, nearby relatives with which to share the holidays.

New Year’s Eve is a time to get together with one’s significant other and friends to celebrate the clock striking midnight and the start of the new year. Most people cannot imagine ringing in the new year without hearing the traditional song, “Auld Lang Syne.” For those not wishing to brave the elements or late night driving, turning on a television program like Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve celebration is a must. Clark, himself, was the go-to New Year’s Eve TV host for decades before he passed away in 2012. His name had become so synonymous with annually watching the ball drop in New York City that they continued his legacy by naming the event after him.

Holiday traditions continue on New Year’s Day as millions of Americans wake up in time to watch the live broadcast of the much-celebrated Tournament of Roses Parade. The Rose Parade will be commemorating its 130th anniversary when the event takes place this January 1st, 2019, in Pasadena, California. It is watched by millions of viewers around the world and is an iconic New Year’s Day tradition.

Once that has been completed, it’s on to a full day of college football bowl games, such as the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. For others, certain food dishes are a must to prepare on New Year’s Day. Fixing and eating dishes such as black-eyed peas, collard greens, cabbage, cornbread, or pork are traditionally thought to help bring good luck in the new year.

Lest you think such holiday eating habits are solely for Americans, the Asian culture has a tradition of having a stir fry of unbroken noodles (also known as long noodles). The tradition is believed to be for both good health and good luck in the coming year. The person who can eat at least one long noodle without breaking or chewing it is considered to enjoy a long life and the best luck of all.

In Germany and Eastern Europe, consuming a heaping plate of sauerkraut is said to bring luck. For Italians, it’s lentils or a lentil stew. The Spanish tradition involves grapes, eating a grape for each stroke of the clock at midnight. Each grape represents a month in the upcoming calendar.

And finally some holiday traditions revolve around other holidays. Birthdays are a good example. This is often a time of having a birthday cake, candles and even birthday presents. Blowing out all of one’s lit candles on a birthday cake is considered good luck for the next year. Many people traditionally make a wish when blowing out their birthday candles. If all the candles are extinguished at once, this is the first step in having that wish granted.  

In other parts of the world, birthday traditions are much different. In Australia, children eat a dish called fairy bread on their birthdays. The popular snack is basically buttered bread covered with small sprinkles. In Russia, it’s traditional for children to receive a birthday present at school. Teachers will give a gift to their student in the form of books, flowers or similar gifts. The other children in the class will also usually give handmade gifts. In this country, a birthday pie—instead of a cake—complete with a birthday greeting carved into the crust, is the common tradition.

So what are your various, must-have holiday traditions? Advantage Church Chairs would love to know, so please leave your comments below. Let’s see how many new and amazing traditions we can learn about!

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