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A Guide to Getting Your Church Ready for the Easter Holiday

There are a few holidays during the year that are very important to your congregation and Easter is definitely one of them. The holiday holds significant meaning for Christians and it also brings record attendance rates. Not everyone makes it to church every Sunday, but most believers make a point to at least show up for Christmas and Easter every year.

With this kind of importance placed on the holiday, it’s crucial to give your Easter service plenty of forethought and planning. It’s your opportunity to fellowship members of your community and give them a reason to come back for Sunday services sooner rather than waiting for the next holiday. Many Christians struggle to find their church “home”, and this can be an excellent opportunity to show them how welcoming your congregation is.

If your Easter service is done just right, you might bring more community members to your church services every Sunday, growing your congregation. Here are a few ideas to help you start to plan for your church’s Easter Sunday.

Welcoming Space

One of the most important aspects of this day is to make sure all participants feel your most sincere and warm welcome. Make sure you really focus on fellowship on this Sunday. Set up enough tables for coffee, tea, and other refreshments. Have your most friendly volunteers operate the fellowship area, encouraging mingling and socializing.

Also make sure to create a space that’s not just about the adults. Usually this is a family-focused day, so you’ll want to offer something for the children as well. Their parents will be grateful and will be more likely to engage in conversation with others if their kids are content.

Make sure that you have membership information readily available in the fellowship area and knowledgeable volunteers on hand to answer questions. Organize your event boards, clearly displaying all of the upcoming church and related community events. You’ll want to make sure that your church community puts their best face forward. Show prospective new members the wonderful congregation that you are.

Setting the Stage

Some churches pull all of the strings, putting on elaborate Easter pageants and services. Others plan simple, yet meaningful services that focus intently on the reason Christians observe Easter. Whatever way your church celebrates the day, you’ll want to pay attention to the details that will pull it all off smoothly.

1) Tidy Spaces

Put together a cleaning committee to scrub the building from floor to ceiling. Dirty spaces can give the wrong impression and counteract the good things that you are doing. It is a special holiday so use it as a great excuse for some church spring cleaning. Easter is about renewal and fresh starts and you can reflect this in your church building and community with a solid cleanup.

2) Technology

To prepare for the service, test all of your technology. Make sure everything is up-to-date and replace any elements that are broken. Check the lighting, speakers, microphones, and other sound equipment. With the abundance of attendees, you might have people sitting in typically unused corners of the sanctuary. Make sure that they will be able to see and hear the entire program. Everyone should be able to enjoy the Easter service.

3) Thoughtful Decorations

Decorating the building doesn’t need to be elaborate, but do take care to make it feel special. An easy and classy solution is to place flowers throughout the building and sanctuary. Easter lilies are a classic choice, but you can use lots of different kinds of flowers, symbolizing renewed hope and bringing a sense of joy to the space.

4) Family Friendly Service

For the service, realize there will probably be many children in the audience. You’ll need to adjust your presentation accordingly. Offer words that children will understand, include songs that will involve them, and make the program welcoming to families.


One critical aspect of preparing for Easter Sunday is to make sure there are enough seats for all who attend. For those churches that have replaced pew benches with chairs, this won’t be too much of a hassle. However, all churches will need to make sure they have an abundance of extra chairs on hand for just these kinds of events. Sunday services that fall on important religious holidays tend to be focused on the family. So not only will you have extra community members in attendance, but they will likely also want their children to stay for the whole meeting too.

Make sure that you purchase high quality, commercial chairs that are well-padded. Comfort is an essential part of being able to focus on an important message during a church presentation. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the chairs are high quality so they will last many years and through numerous church events.

Family Activities

Encourage continued fellowship after the services are over by offering fun activities for the whole family. If you have green space behind your church, host Easter-themed games for children and adults alike. Include delicious treats and foster conversation to keep everyone hanging around for a while. This will allow them to form bonds with other members and deepen the feeling of community among the congregation.

Easter is an important day for Christian churches everywhere. As such, it should include plenty of fellowship-focused activities to encourage new membership. A successful Easter celebration will also do wonders for securing member retention. Offer plenty of seating, space for congregating, and activities that involve the whole family. Make sure you have friendly, knowledgeable volunteers on hand who can answer questions and help to encourage fellowship. Create a beautiful space and meaningful service, filled with warm and kind interactions. You’ll encourage members to make new friends and deepen their devotion to faith and community.

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