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A Guide to Customizing Your Perfect Church Chairs

The task of choosing and customizing the perfect church chairs for your congregation is more involved than you may think. Trying to meld practicality with warm and welcoming comfort to outfit your sanctuary is not easy, but can be done!

In modern churches today, we see church pews being replaced by more comfortable, upholstered chairs that have the ability to fasten together. These chairs provide a homey, community feeling in addition to flexibility to move the chairs for multiple purposes. Church chairs offered by Advantage Church Chairs also feature a number of accessory options to easily fit the specific design, colors, and comfort requirements of your church’s layout.

Below are some tips that will help you personalize your church chairs to create the perfect seating for your church.

Color & Pattern

Color and pattern are the most noticeable ways to personalize your church chairs. Advantage Church Chairs has a large selection of fabric options for you to choose from that will best suit your church chair needs.

Frame Finishes

All of our church chairs feature frame finishes that provide the chairs with top-quality durability. The quality of our chairs is of utmost importance and we ensure the stability of your church chairs so that they will last for years to come. There are a number of different finishes available at Advantage Church Chairs, such as silver vein, gold vein or textured black powder coating for metal frame chairs and medium oak for wood frame chairs.


The dimensions of your church chairs are another important consideration. Your church has unique needs, space allowances, and flexibility wishes. Consider our options for chair sizes to determine which is best for your church. We carry an 18.5 inch, 20.5 inch, 21 inch and an extra wide, 22.5-inch seat to ensure that we offer exactly what your church will need.


With Advantage Church Chairs, there are an incredible number of features available to you. Just some of our features offered include:

  • Each church chair is shipped to you fully assembled
  • Pending on the model of chair, our padded seats are 2.5″ – 4” thick and are constructed using high-grade foam and fabric
  • We use T-nuts to connect the seats and back to the chair frame (T-nuts are far stronger than wood screws, thus lengthening the life of your chairs)
  • There is no installation necessary with our welded ganging devices
  • All of our chairs have excellent lumbar support
  • Our chairs are load tested to hold up to 600-1000 pounds of static weight pending on the model of chair
  • We use the Wyzenbeek test to determine the fabric durability, which is 200,000 double rubs on most chairs
  • Each chair, pending on the model, has a 2-year to 5-year normal use warranty on its fabric and foam
  • Every chair has a lifetime warranty on frame failure due to broken welds
  • The foam and fabric that we use meets flame retardant specification CA117


When you order your chairs with Advantage Church Chairs, you also have a number of options for accessories. From book racks and card pockets to stack chair hand trucks, we have a selection to suit most needs.

Customizing and choosing your church chairs is an investment that requires a great deal of consideration. Paying attention to the details is crucial to choosing the perfect church chairs for your congregation. Be sure that you always place value on quality over price, and do your research on the manufacturing technology of your church chairs, as well as the quality of the materials used in the construction.

With Advantage Church Chairs, you don’t have to worry about any of the above. The quality of our chairs is unparalleled, and we can work with any budget presented to us.

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