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Factors to Consider When Choosing Banquet Chairs

When you are looking for banquet chairs, you want to find seating that makes guests and hosts feel welcome, but you also need to take your banquet hall’s use, space and storage needs into consideration. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when you are purchasing new banquet chairs:

The Material

Most banquet chairs will have some level of upholstery or fabric on their cushioning. You will need to pick an upholstery material that is able to meet your various needs while still remaining durable. Ask your sales associate about whether the material is easy to clean, if it stains and if it is vulnerable to scuffing or scratching. After that, determine what coloring or pattern you want.

The finish on the exposed portions of the chair are also essential to consider. Be certain that metal or wood finishes are able to withstand the rigors of intense use, frequent rearrangements and contact with banquet tables and other chairs. You want to pick a material that will not scratch, scuff, dent, crack or worse.

Seat Dimensions

You will want your seats to have a cushioning and height that will allow your guests to be comfortable, but you also do not want to waste valuable storage space with cushions that are overly deep. Take the time to figure out what will keep your guests comfortable without placing unreasonable demands on your available space.

The Space It Takes

You have limited space within your venue, and even less in your storage areas. Be aware of the overall space that your chairs will take up and whether that will allow you to seat enough guests.

Also remember that the size and perceived cost of the chairs will affect your guests’ perspective of your banquet hall. Metal folding chairs may be ideal if you are trying to host lectures and events with many hundreds of guests, but they may be less ideal if you are trying to offer an air of sophistication and grace.

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