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Eye-Catching Centerpiece Ideas for the Holidays

Setting a festive holiday table is a great beginning to a successful holiday celebration that your guests will not soon forget. In our many years of providing banquet tables and chairs to thousands of customers from all over the country, we have seen how they dress up their holiday tables. Below are a few of our favorite seasonal tablescapes.

Spell It Out

Capture the many emotions of the season by spelling them out on your holiday table for your guests to see. Words such as “joy,” “love,” “cheers” and “peace” are all excellent options. Paint them in bright holiday colors (red, green, gold), decorate with holly or creeping ivy, and set them against small pots of poinsettia. This is an excellent way to gently remind your guests of the best of the season as they take part in the planned activities and festivities for your event.

Snow Globe Holiday Scenes

Use miniature snow globes depicting simple holiday scenes as part of your centerpiece decoration. Set them on the table amidst other appropriate holiday decor. Be sure to have as many snow globes as there will be guests seated at the table so each one can take a snow globe home with them at the end of the event. You can even engrave the time, date and reason for the event at the base of the snow globe to remind your guests of the great time they had at your event.

Celebrate the Season of Light

A shimmering centerpiece lit by candles and tapers of varying sizes is a simple yet powerful way to evoke the emotions associated with the holidays. Be sure to set the light in your event space low so the full effect of a sea of tables bathed in warm candlelight can be fully appreciated.

The Wreath Centerpiece

The wreath is a fitting centerpiece of the holiday season. Make it the star of your centerpiece decor as well. A symbol of the unending joy and mirth of the holidays, setting out miniature wreaths to mark the place of each guest at the table is a nice personal touch. They can then take home the miniature wreath as a reminder of your event.

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