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Differentiating Pews, Church Chairs and Theater Seating

We have been providing organizations and congregations across the country with expertly crafted, well-designed church chairs since 1985. One of the questions we have encountered in the past is whether using pews, church chairs or theater seating is right for a worship space. Here are the pros and cons of each of these options.


Typically made from hardwood planks, traditional well-built pews often last for several decades and give any space they occupy a solemn, formal air. They are often crafted to complement the overall architectural design of the church. This aids in creating an atmosphere that is conducive to thought and worship.

Although pews can and do last an incredibly long time, they are usually more expensive than other seating options available today. They are also bolted to the floors, making it impractical to move them around should the worship space be envisioned as a multi-purpose area. Additionally, should some pews need to be replaced, it is not always easy to find an exact color match, especially if your pews are several decades old.

Church Chairs

Although there are still those who are staunchly opposed to the very idea of church chairs, an increasing number of congregations have welcomed them in their worship space. Church chairs are versatile. You can change their configuration any time you want. They are easy to stack and put away when the area needs to be cleaned or the chairs need to be moved to another location. Most church chairs come in a variety of color options to complement any decor.

The opposition that church chairs face is the reluctance of some congregation members to accept them as a viable alternative to pews, but with more companies, including Advantage Church Chairs, coming out with chairs that are functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, the opposition to this practical seating alternative is fast dwindling.

Theater Seats

This option works well in a space that has a sloped floor. Some theater seats are mounted on stadium risers that can telescope in or out of a wall, making it possible for the space to be used for different purposes. These type of seats come with armrests and typically have higher backs, making them extremely comfortable.

The major drawback for theater seats is their cost. They also have moveable parts as well as a mechanical component if they come on retractable risers. This means there are more components that can break down, which may be expensive to replace or repair later on.

For all your seating requirements, including banquet chairs and metal folding chairs, call us. We can also supply you with sturdy and well-designed banquet tables and folding tablesto help you host a successful event.

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