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Designing an Effective Church Layout

Church design should take several factors into consideration. It is important to establish a maximum capacity, make sure that there is access for the handicapped as well as accommodations for the elderly, the stages and platforms need to be accessible and easily viewed from all church seating areas, and the church chairs should be comfortable and properly utilized.


The size of the current church membership and future growth are important considerations when planning the capacity your church should be able to accommodate. It is also imperative that you consult with the local planning authorities to make sure that you follow their guidelines and ordinances.

Access for Handicapped and Elderly Church Members

The layout of a church should be executed with the special needs of handicapped and elderly members in mind. The aisles between church chairs should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers as well as other devices that assist with mobility. Steps should have handrails and be clearly marked. Proper lighting is another safety consideration.


Church lighting should be effective while still maintaining an intimate feel. Members should be able to read well and the stages should have lighting placed to accentuate the pulpit and the choir areas.

Stages and Platforms

Stages and platforms should be designed to allow for visibility from all areas of the church, keeping in mind the necessary church chairs that will be required for the church leaders, the choir, and others.


Once the capacity is decided and room for platforms and staging have been planned, it is necessary to evaluate the seating arrangement and requirements. Many times, churches will have a standard seating plan that can accommodate additional seating for special events and religious holidays. This can be done by having a back-up supply of folding chairs on hand. Church seating should be determined by chair size and height as well as proper spacing between each chair and the aisles.

Planning an effective church layout can be appreciated for years to come. A church that provides a comfortable environment for worship is appreciated by all its members. Taking into consideration the members special needs, appropriate lighting, easy to view platforms, and quality church chairs will be well received.

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