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Customizing Your Wood-framed Church Chairs

Enhance the meditative and spiritual experience of your congregation by providing them with the comfortable seating of our interlocking sanctuary chairs. Designed to accommodate the body in a relaxing manner, our church chairs can greatly heighten a worshiper’s inclination to prayer and participation.

The padded seats and extra lumbar support lessens muscle fatigue and tension, which can be especially beneficial for your elderly members. The book rack built into each chair provides adequate storage room for books, bibles and other worship materials. These racks are easy to access from the front, as well as from the back.

Custom-made Chairs

Choose the fabric and wood finish that will best complement the existing decor and color scheme of your worship area. Your wood frame choices are medium oak, walnut and cherry. Fabric and color choices range from understated and traditional hues such as mixed tan and charcoal gray to newer and more vibrant options, such as burgundy, hunter green and royal purple. No matter which wood frame finish and fabric color you select, you are guaranteed to receive elegant and well-built church chairs that will please and delight your parishioners and enrich their worship experience.

Easy Storage

Our interlocking church chairs resemble traditional wooden pews and yet are flexible enough to ensure the comfort and well-being of your congregation. They are easy to unlock for cleaning and storage. You can safely stack them up to eight chairs high if you need to maximize your available storage space.

Aside from our distinctive church chairs, we can also supply you with high-quality auditorium seating, daycare furniture, banquet tables and chairs as well as metal, plastic and wooden folding chairs. We have nearly three decades of providing comfortable and relaxing seating to hundreds of customers all over the country. We look forward to assisting and serving you and your organization with all your seating requirements.

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