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Cover Options for Your Banquet Chairs

The decor you choose makes a difference in the success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests. It sets the right mood and tone for your event as well as engages the interest and elicits the participation of your attendees. As such, choosing your event decor is an important decision that you should make with deliberate care.

Chairs as a Design Element

As a long-time supplier of quality chairs, including church chairs, banquet chairs and a variety of folding chairs, we have earned the trust of hundreds of customers from all over the country. Our furniture is designed and crafted to render many years of service to our clients.

Chair covers are an excellent way to make banquet chairs more versatile. With the right covers, banquet chairs can be a dynamic design element that will contribute to the visual appeal of your event while providing comfortable seating for your guests at the same time.

Standard Cover

For a somber affair, choose a standard cover in a subdued hue. Grays or dark browns would work well. For a more light-hearted occasion, white chair covers would be appropriate as would other colors such as light peach, soft green or baby blue. No matter what color you choose, it’s easy to spruce up the standard chair cover by using another fabric gently gathered from the front of the chair and tied at the back in a simple bow. You can choose contrasting or complimentary colors; it all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve for your event.

Pillowcase Cover

A universal cover, this type of chair cover fits nearly any ballroom or banquet chair. It simply drapes over the chair and ties in the back. Classic and elegant, it can be used alone or enhanced with accessories such as sashes, ribbons and flower garlands.

Spandex Cover

For a more modern look, a stretched cover gives any chair an instant contemporary appeal. It comes with reinforced pockets for the feet of the chair and can typically accommodate a chair with a round or square back. It gives chairs a uniquely sleek and smooth appearance. This type of banquet chair cover is compatible with an event decor that has characteristically modern elements. Chair bands and custom chair ties will make this look even more distinctive and modern.

Ruche Chair Cover

This type of chair cover is similar to the spandex chair cover. Its distinguishing feature – a pleated gathering of fabric or a ruche – sets it apart from the plain stretched cover. The ruche gives this chair cover an added point of interest as well as a modern, elegant look. It also needs little further embellishment as the ruche itself provides an excellent decorative highlight.

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