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Converting From Pews To Chair: 6 Points To Make The Conversation Easier

While there is definitely a certain timeless elegance and formality to entering a church chapel filled with rows of wooden pews, particularly if the pews feature intricately carved detail and are made from real wood, many churches are opting for function over form. By this, we mean church chairs over pews.

The decision to make this change is not done lightly in many congregations as many traditionalists prefer to stick to pews. Others want to stay with what they have always known, and can remember curling up next to a parent in a pew as a young child, five, six or even seven decades ago.

Here are 6 discussion points about the chair vs. pew debate:


  1. Helps with convertible spaces.For churches entering into nontraditional spaces with their congregations–whether it be temporary until church construction is complete, expansion purposes of adding another worship location in a nearby town or some other reason–church chairs offer much more portability and easy reconfiguration when needed. These chairs are stackable, yet still comfortable or can be moved to other parts of the building for events and functions using church chair caddies. This wouldn’t be possible with church pews!


  1. Chairs can still make pew-like rows.For those concerned with losing the current seating format that you may have with pews, chairs can easily be set up in the same, matching row system you currently have at your church. You may be surprised to find church chairs are actually more functional, allowing you to get more seating in small nooks and corners. It will also be very easy to decide when and where to break for a walking aisle or to work around existing structural limitations like columns or sound system areas.


  1. Options and colors.With church chairs, you will have dozens of style, fabric and color options to help you incorporate into your church facility. The chairs almost become a subtle part of the decoration or finish of the church sanctuary, serving a low-cost, multi-purpose function. At  Advantage Church Chairs, we have a vast selection of standard color options (maroon, grape, royal purple, mixed, tan, java, charcoal gray, blue, navy, cobalt, black cherry, hunter green, black and others) as well as the ability to select custom fabrics. Between our variety of standard color options and church chair styles alone, rest assured you will find exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Much less expensive than church pews.When budget is a concern–and it is for just about every church of every denomination these days–church chairs will always come out as a far less expensive option.  A single church pew can run into thousands of dollars, depending on the materials and detail. Even more modern church pews, made of composite materials and padded seating, available in shorter lengths, will still cost several hundred dollars per pew. Then there’s the added cost of delivering dozens, if not a couple hundred pews to your church. It’s very likely you will also have only a small number of color options.


  1. Repair: Chairs vs. Church PewsWhen a wood church pew becomes damaged or unstable, it often is completely unusable. This can mean having the arduous task of removing it from the chapel and having a storage area large enough to accommodate the several foot long pew until someone can be located to come onsite to repair it. Repairs are costly, slow and time-consuming. If a church pew is so damaged it must be removed from the place of worship, this will require many hands, i.e. a lot of manpower to accomplish the task as a single pew can weigh several hundred pounds. Then what do you do with this gaping hole in your seating? A pew from the back must be brought forward to fill in.In the case of chairs, it is quite easy to remove a chair when necessary and replace with another. If a chair’s upholstery needs cleaned, this can not only be done quickly, easily and without calling a professional, but can be done without removing the chair if so desired.Even in the worst case scenario–the chair cannot be saved and must be replaced–you are very likely looking at a low cost of replacement. At Advantage Church Chairs, we offer a wide selection of church chairs that start at less than $31.00 a chair and the higher end, thicker padded, wider chairs are typically around $49 per chair. We believe in putting our pricing right on our site–something you are not likely to find on church pew sites, as these are often customized orders.


  1. Delivery Time.This can be an especially important consideration for those moving into new church space. Church pews must be ordered many months in advance, especially custom orders. A long delivery time will also hold true when you want to expand or replace any seating. With church chairs, it’s extremely easy to call and order another 100 chairs, a single chair or whatever number you need and get the order in an expeditious manner. Depending on the item and the quantity, your church chair order may go out in a matter of days.We hope these discussion points prove helpful to you when discussing with your committee or congregation about the possibility of switching from traditional pews to chairs. Churches of all sizes and faiths have successfully made the change.


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