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Components of a Well-made Church Chair

Comfort is not just an option when it comes to buying church chairs — it is a necessity. Your congregation will be forever grateful if you take the time to invest in quality seating solutions, especially since the average length of weekly religious services is a few hours.

Buying the right chairs may seem insignificant compared to many of the other purchases your church is making, but remember that this is where attendants will be spending most of their time.

What Every Church Chair Needs

Few people like to sit for hours on end, especially on an awkward and uncomfortable surface. Trust us, this is one decision you do not want to make in haste. Here’s how to distinguish a poorly designed chair from a well-made one.

The first element to examine is the backing. Proper lumbar support is essential for eliminating unnatural pressure and stress on the lower region of the back. Every chair we sell at Advantage Church Chairs comes with a durable foam support section that is permanently secured to the middle of the backing. Furthermore, there is also an additional 1 1/2-inch padded layer that runs the length of the entire back piece for added cushioning.

Our seats are constructed with a durable, plywood base and are equipped with 4-inch padding that can comfortably supports hundreds of pounds with ease. The combination of lower and rear support pads is essential for seating relaxation. Since each parts works together to support the spinal cord, you simply cannot have one without the other!

Of course, none of our chairs would be complete without a reliable metal frame. The 16-gauge steel base featured on each of our products is completely sturdy. Comfort matters very little when the chair you are sitting on is unable to hold your weight.

Another important chair component that often goes unnoticed is rocker glides. These small rubber inserts are placed directly over the feet to prevent unnecessary and potentially damaging friction. From scuff marks to scratches, they protect delicate floor surfaces from all types of damage.

For ease of transportation and storage, no Advantage Church Chair would be complete without a ganging device. This steel hook extends a few inches from the side and is used to connect multiple chairs together with ease. When you need to quickly form rows that will not be moved around, this part is a must-have!

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