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Most Common Custom Church Chair Modifications

Your church is ready for a makeover and you’re excited to get started. The congregation has determined that they’re ready to replace the outdated, inflexible wooden pews with comfortable chairs in the sanctuary. You are all ready to start choosing chairs, but realize that there are so many features to sort through and you’re not sure where to start.

You’ve brought in an interior designer to consult with you on how to design the sanctuary renovation. Your team has decided on the perfect new shade of paint and accent pieces. The art is being purchased or commissioned, and the old building elements are being refinished.

Now that you’ve put together a beautiful design and plan, you can accurately pick out chairs that will match your overall ambiance goals and the needs of your congregation members. We’ve put together a quick start guide to help you analyze options and decide which ones are best for your church. Read on to get started!

Default Quality Features

Each one of our chairs is built for durability and quality. Your investment in your church is important to us and we aim to bring you furnishings that will last for years to come. No matter what type of chair you purchase, they will have several quality features including:

  • Fully assembled chairs. This means you don’t have to get frustrated while trying to put them together. It also means that your chairs are safely assembled to support your congregants and to last a long time.
  • We use quality attachments, such as T-nuts, to put the chairs together. They are stronger, more durable, and therefore add life and value to the chairs.
  • Each chair is made to support the back. Special lumbar support is added to ensure that your congregants are as comfortable as possible.
  • The seats of the chairs are padded with high quality foam that is 2.5 to 4.5 inches thick, depending on the model.
  • The chairs have a plywood or blow-molded base, so they are durable and very strong.
  • Another strengthening feature is our 18 or 16-gauge steel frame. Each chair is made to last through thousands of uses.
  • Each chair is weight tested to ensure that it is safe and sturdy. We test it for 600-1,000 pounds, depending on the size and model of the chair.
  • Our fabric is tested using the Wyzenbeek method to make sure it is durable. This is a method that tests using 180,000 – 200,000 double rubs on the fabric to ensure that it will hold up to years of use.
  • We offer a two to five year warranty on fabric and foam, so you can rest easy that it’s really quality.
  • We also offer a lifetime warranty for frame failure that occurs from broken welds.
  • We use a flame retardant to make sure your chairs are safe.

Customizable Features

1) Chair Sizes

We offer several sizes of chairs so you can choose the best option for your congregation’s needs and to fit your building’s specifications. The way you use your church is an important part of deciding what will work for you. Some chairs are better for leaving in place, while others are great for lots of rearranging and even stacking to be put away. We offer chairs in the following sizes: 18.5 inches, 20.5 inches, 21 inches, and an extra-wide 22.5 inches.

2) Chair Padding

Our chair backs are padded with 100% virgin polyurethane foam. They’re thick so you can offer the best in comfort. The seats are made with 2 pound, 100% virgin polyurethane foam in a range from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches thick depending on the model of chair. This excellent padding will make sure your congregants are as comfortable as possible during church services and events.

3) Fabric Options

We offer plenty of fabric choices to ensure that you can give your chairs that extra-personalized touch. Each fabric is of the highest quality, is rub tested, and is flame retardant. There are different fabrics available depending on the size of chair, as well. We are happy to send you fabric swatches so that you can test them out in your church space to make the very best decision.

4) Frame Finishes

Each frame is made of the highest quality material and you can also customize it! We offer a number of different frame finishes so you can choose how to complement your fabric colors and the overall design plans of your church sanctuary. Some of our finishes include: silver or gold vein, textured black powder coating, and copper vein.

5) Special Touches

You can add book racks and card pockets to the chairs to give them even more utility. We offer chairs that are even more customized, such as our extra-wide 22.5 inch chair and our wood frame chair that includes an under-chair wooden book rack. Don’t forget to pick up a few chair caddies to make stacking and moving chairs a breeze!

Renovating a church can be a fun project for a congregation to undertake. Making your space come to life again with a new and improved look can increase your current members’ devotion to the church and can help to grow membership in the wider community. Chairs are an important part of a church’s function and you need to spend a lot of time considering the specific needs of your congregation. By offering so many customization options, we cater to your individual congregation’s needs and wants. Take the time to truly understand the unique characteristics of your members and your sanctuary space, and then reach out to get started on planning your new, wonderful, customized church chairs!

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