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Comfort Is Key in Church Furniture Purchases

A 2012 Pew Forum survey states that 36 percent of Americans attend some form of religious service almost every week. Clearly, worship continues to be part of the fabric of American society despite the inroads that secularism has made in recent years.

To hold on to their current roster of attendees as well as to increase their membership, many worship communities have embraced modern technology. PowerPoint presentations during religious services are quite commonplace these days and members stay connected as much online as during after-service coffee klatches.

Worship in Comfort and Style

Despite the increasing use of technology during worship, don’t underestimate the role and value of comfort during weekly services. It is important to make sure that the members of your congregation are seated comfortably. This is especially true for elderly attendees and during special celebrations that go longer than the typical hour of worship. No matter how well-planned your service may be, discomfort can lessen the impact of an excellent speaker and can make even an angelic choir sound flat.

Advantage Church Chairs has been providing comfortable and appropriate seating for worship communities since 1987. Our church chairs are ergonomically designed to provide comfortable, safe and relaxing seating for worshipers of all ages. They are also expertly crafted and built to last, making them an excellent and economic choice for small communities keeping a close watch on their bottom line.

Our chairs also come in a number of appealing colors. They complement a variety of decor from traditional worship set-ups to more modern space configurations. Without distracting from the activities going on during services, our church chairs add to the sense of comfort and community that is so important for a place of worship.

If your religious organization needs banquet tables and chairs for special community get-togethers, Advantage Church Chairs can be of assistance there as well. We have an extensive inventory of essential and elegant tables and chairs for big and small worship communities. You can count on us for quality, attentive service, reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

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