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Church Design Elements to Inspire Fellowship and Learning

If you want to thrive, your church needs to focus on the right strategies to grow. You’ve gone through the consultations and the building remodel plans. It’s important to know how to really focus in on fellowship, though, so you aren’t just trying things out without results.

One aspect of your planning should focus on your church’s design elements. When nonmembers and new members walk into the building, they will notice every little detail and immediately get a “vibe” from the building.

Long-time members might not notice these things as much as they’re used to everything being a certain way. But even they can benefit from a refreshing of the space that makes the building more useful and fellowship-focused.

Here are a few design elements to focus on that can help your church feel more inspiring, community-oriented, and fellowship-focused.

Re-envision the Foyer

When congregation members walk into the doors of your church, does the foyer area simply become a space to walk through to get to all the activity? If so, you could be using this area better. Turn it into fellowship central.

Set up tables with coffee and tea. Have church volunteers or staff hang out in the foyer before, between, and after Sunday services to greet visitors and congregation members. Buy comfortable couches and chairs to encourage members to linger and get to know each other.

By using your foyer more effectively, you’re making sure that your congregants have a chance to form bonds with each other. This creates a sense of community that will make them feel even more attached to their wonderful church.

Expand the Outdoor Space

If you’ve got property around your building, use it! Make the lawn lush and install a playground. Build a pavilion complete with grills and picnic tables. Create walking trails that are fully landscaped with fragrant flowers. Set up a church garden where members can work together to feed the needy in your community.

Once you’ve got a comfortable outdoor space, create events that bring congregants together for socializing. Set it up so they can form bonds and become friends. Organize great kids’ activities that make parents feel welcome and gives them time to relax and get to know each other. The more community-oriented your church is, the more your members will show up and bring their friends.

Start a Cafe and Workspace

If it fits into your churches goals, you might consider opening up the building to the larger community. The more exposure your church has within the town you live in, the more likely new people will feel comfortable there.

One way to do this is to create a small cafe inside the church that has tables, comfy chairs, and free wifi. Locals can use the space for work and as an alternative to an overcrowded coffeehouse. Once they’ve enjoyed your hospitality and gotten comfortable inside the building, it will be much easier for them to make the leap to considering attending church on Sunday.

Designate a Children’s Space

You probably already have a room that is set aside for congregation kids, but it might be time to step it up a notch. Many modern churches are creating larger spaces for kids to play, learn, and worship together.

This can include exciting features such as a biblical-themed indoor playground or treehouse. Or maybe a fun kids snack bar with hidden religious lessons that teachers can use to encourage spiritual learning in addition to feeding hungry bellies. Just make sure that the space is built for kids, including kid-sized furniture that makes them feel comfortable and makes learning more accessible.

The main idea is to designate an area that isn’t just adequate. It needs to really excite kids and make it easy for parents to bring them to church every Sunday. If a 5-year-old is begging mom or dad to go to church each week, how can they make excuses not to go?

Don’t Forget Youth

Once kids get to those teenage years, they might not feel as excited about going to church. You’ll need to think about how to engage them. They’re not kids anymore, so the kids’ space just won’t cut it. But they’re also not adults and can’t yet relate to the adult spaces.

It’s time to make an area that’s just for them. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it does need to feel comfy, safe, and engaging. Create a teen cafe where they can goof off together, do homework in a quiet corner, or have a group discussion about a hardship they are going through. Make it accessible and focus it directly on that age group. They’ll stick around and continue to attend through adulthood.

Keep it Flexible

When planning out your furniture for all of these spaces, always remember to keep it flexible. The community-centered church holds a lot of events and activities. By choosing furniture that can be used for a lot of different areas, you ensure that you’re getting the best return on investment.

You’re also making sure that no one has to cancel their book club or youth discussion group just because a room can’t be rearranged to fit their needs. Choose stackable church chairs and tables that can be moved to many different rooms.

Focus on Community

The main takeaway from these tips is that to really grow a church, you need to focus on helping congregants form bonds and build community. The human spirit aches for connection and the church is the most fulfilling place for them to feed that need, both at a spiritual level and at a social level. By understanding what your congregation really needs and wants, you can deepen their bond with the church community and ensure that they stick around. You can also bring in new members, making them feel welcome and right at home.

When you’re ready to create those awesome spaces that make individuals and families come every week for church, look no further than Advantage Church Chairs to stock up on great furniture that will work in every area of your building. We want to help you plan the best selection of furnishings for all your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions online at and by calling us at 855-294-0532.

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