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Church Chairs: The Best Investments for Your Growing Congregation

If you have recently started a religious organization and are finding that the number of members is increasing rapidly, two things are evident: you are doing a good job and you need more seating!

Whether your church is currently housed at a single location or exists on a mobile front (a common trend for modern-day congregations), it is important to have flexible seating options.

More Room for Less

Time-honored pews are elegant, traditional and afford plenty of room for your growing membership needs, but they are also incredibly heavy and difficult to transport. Since versatility in one’s meeting locations is typically more cost-effective than operating at a permanent facility and because it’s nearly impossible to lug thousands of pounds of pew weight from place to place, consider church chairs for your next seating purchase.

A vast number of church boards have made the move to replace their existing seating with cheaper, flexible alternatives. And just because they are not adorned with intricately carved wood does not mean these chairs are aesthetically displeasing. A wide selection of portable church chairs are available to suit any range of contemporary and traditional themes (and everything in between) and come in a variety of materials from plastic to metal to wood.

As far as portability goes, nothing is easier to haul than a set of folding chairs. You can easily stack a few dozen into the back of a pickup truck, which saves you money even further by not needing to rent or buy a trailer or make multiple trips to and from meeting locations. Depending on how many members are in your congregation, everything can be transported in one simple move.

Low overhead costs, durability and reliability are where these products shine. They are made to support hundreds of pounds of weight, yet are super light and easy to transport and rearrange.

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